Trading Spaces Is Getting a Revival on TLC

Trading Spaces Is Getting a Revival on TLC

Trading Spaces is another fan favorite program that’s set to get a revival.  Earlier this week we discussed that Cash Cab would be making a comeback on Discovery.  Earlier last year we found out there will be reality show called “Search for the Next Mythbusters.”  Question:  why were these shows canceled in the first place?  Trading Spaces ran for 8 seasons from 2000-2011.   The original version followed two sets of neighbors as they swapped houses to transform a room in 48 hours and on a $1,000 budget. It ran for eight seasons from 2000-11.

TLC announced that a new iteration of the show will run in 2018.   This just one of many revivals for the Discovery Channel of networks.  Remember, TLC is part of the Discovery Umbrella.  There aren’t too many details about what the new Trading Spaces format will be but it’s definitely the right time for this show to be on television.

It’s 2017 and the idea of invading personal space it so commonplace that trading residences is a walk in the park.  I will say I’m curious what twist they’ll put on it.  Speaking of swapping, shouldn’t Wife Swap still be on television?  Or better yet “Reality TV Swap.”  Like what if the casts of Real Housewives swapped with Vanderpump Rules or something like that?  Producers out there, are you feeling me?  The world is full of ideas people.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on Trading Spaces news as it comes up.

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