Missy Peregrym Didn’t Watch FBI When She Was On Maternity Leave

Missy Peregrym Didn’t Watch FBI When She Was On Maternity Leave
Missy Peregrym Didn’t Watch FBI When She Was On Maternity Leave

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When is Missy Peregrym coming back to FBI is the question the world’s been asking since she was exposed to Sarin gas in the spring of 2022 during an op. Fans were understandably worried back then that the actress was leaving the show, but she was merely working her way toward maternity leave. She welcomed her second baby in the summer of 2022, and she wanted time to bond with her new baby.

Missy is back, though, and we are all thankful. She made her official return as Agent Maggie Bell on November 15, 2022, and it was an emotional episode. Bell is still flashing back to almost dying, OA is a nervous partner who isn’t working through his own trauma well, and everyone is a bit of a mess. But, what’s surprising to us is all the things Missy Peregrym shared with us about her time off and her return.

Missy Peregrym Was Nervous Coming Back to the Show

Believe it or not, the professional actress was nervous about coming back to FBI to shoot in September. She loves her job and the people she works with, but she is nervous about things like being able to keep up with the physicality of it all. She gave birth only three and a half months prior to her return, and she didn’t know how her body would react to being in physically demanding situations. And, much to her surprise, the show threw her right back into her role with vigor. She thought she might be eased back into her role, but the show didn’t do it. They threw her headfirst into Maggie’s work, and she killed it.

Missy Peregrym Didn’t Watch FBI When She Was On Maternity Leave

Credit: The FBIs

Did She Watch the Show While She was Off?

You might think that she would watch her own show while off on maternity leave, but she did not. It’s not that she didn’t want to watch her costars missing her and working on all the things FBI-related, though. She had a new baby. And she has a toddler. She was too tired to stay up late enough to watch the show. She’s a new mom, and she’s exhausted, and she doesn’t have the energy. We’ve never felt something so relatable before.

She Is Sad She Didn’t Get to Work with Nina

Nina is the agent who came into work with OA while Bell was recovering from the attack and Peregrym was on maternity leave. Shantel VanSanten is the actress who came to play Nina. The character has a history with one of the other agents, and she was an excellent addition to the show when Peregrym was gone. Maggie Bell never had a chance to work with Nina, and Missy Peregrym never worked with Shantel VanSanten. That did disappoint her because she hoped they might have a chance to work together at some point. However, we feel they could always bring her back if they wanted.

Missy Peregrym Didn’t Watch FBI When She Was On Maternity Leave

Credit: The FBIs

Being Back at Work is Okay for Her

Some might wonder how she could return to work just a few months after having a baby, and you might wonder if she’s missing her baby. Surprisingly, Missy Peregrym does not miss her new baby, Mela. Before you start judging her, it’s because she is not away from her baby. The family hires a nanny, and their nanny comes to the FBI set with Missy and the baby every day. She’s able to film and still has her baby right there with her.

“Abby, my nanny, comes to work with me and Mela, who is so chill, thank God. She’s been the greatest little partner getting up in the morning. It’s so wonderful to have her on set. It feels really good to blend both my worlds…that makes it really nice to be back at work with her. We’ll keep it for the rest of the season. She’ll be at work with me, and then we’ll reevaluate next year,” she said of having her little girl on set with her.

Are There Any FBI Crossovers Planned?

The other question, aside from when Missy Peregrym is coming back to FBI, that people are asking nonstop is whether we can expect a crossover from any of the FBIs. So far, there is no indication there will be a crossover event for FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, or FBI: International. However, the season is still young. Perhaps there is a plan to bring some of the characters into another show at some point, but we do not know. What we can say is that we’d love to see it happen, though.

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