Timelapse of a Guy Single-Handedly Building a Log Cabin the Woods

Timelapse of a Guy Single-Handedly Building a Log Cabin the Woods

The timelapse video of this guy single-handedly building a log cab in the woods is simply amazing. What this guy can do with just hand tools and a great amount of determination is awesome. He must be strong as an ox as well to be hauling those logs around as he does, since I can easily imagine that each one of them weighs quite a bit. Then to notch them out and split them as needed has to be a chore in and of itself, especially without power tools. If you’ll notice he’s using only hand tools for this project, which would take a group of people a long enough time, but is serving as no impediment to this guy.

It almost resembles a giant set of Lincoln Logs (remember those?) as he stacks them higher and higher. However it might be best to state that this type of job when done alone doesn’t seem like it would be entirely safe unless person knew what they were doing. Even then there would be some risk involved, but I get the feeling that this guy doesn’t care much about that. He seems to know just what he’s doing and how to keep himself from coming to harm.

He writes:

At the beginning of the video, I show a winter drone photo of the cabin in the snow in December. Then I flashback to the first balsam fir tree I cut down with a saw and axe near the cabin. I drag the trees into place and clear the cabin site. All summer, I cut the notches in the logs as I built the cabin up, offsite. Once I was finished notching the logs with a log scribe, saw, axe, adze and wood carving gouge, I loaded up the entire cabin of logs and moved them to my land near Algonquin Park, Ontario Canada…

Because the cabin is offgrid, I have used handtools for most of the build and without power, I have no options on site regardless. The tiny house will continue to be operated without power, not even renewable energy for now, so I’m heating the cabin with a woodstove fire place, which I also cook on.

It might not be a huge cabin but it’s got room enough for one and a dog and that should be plenty. This guy is beyond impressive with the amount of work he put into this place, not to mention that he did it all by hand and without any outside aid of any kind. If this had been reality show a lot of people might have been rolling their eyes and saying ‘yeah right’. There might still be a few people doing that but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is quite the accomplishment. This is the kind of thing a guy can be proud of and thoroughly enjoy during hunting season or just when he needs a place to escape for a little while.

The storage space beneath the floor is a great touch as well.

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