Here’s Nick Offerman Trying Not to Laugh on the Set of Parks and Recreation

It has to be hard as anything not to laugh on a show that is known for some of the funniest scenes on TV. Nick Offerman fully admits that the hardest time he’s ever had on the show Parks and Recreation was to not crack a smile or bust up completely during takes. Considering all he had to go through on the show it had to be a heroic effort each and every time. Plus, the added stress of remembering the funny things that went on in other episodes when they were triggered by a single touch, word, or other memory couldn’t have made it any easier.

Have you ever tried to hold back a laugh when something strikes you funny? You might have done this in a place where it wasn’t appropriate to laugh and found yourself having to leave for a moment or otherwise cover your face.

Seeing this guy without a mustache is just weird. So many people have gotten to see him with the big, bushy mustache that seeing him without it makes you wonder if this is the same person. Oh yeah, it’s him. That voice is unmistakable and the eyes, you can’t get around the eyes. He might actually pull the role of a bad guy fairly well if he ever tried.

But to watch him try not to laugh is kind of hard because he seems to hold it in so well. He admittedly bites his mustache to keep from just cracking up at times, especially in Parks and Recreation since the show could make anyone bust a gut. It’s amazing to think that anyone could get through a single take without having to redo it just because they were about to crack up from the humorous things that are being said and done.

Of course if you’re working with the likes of Chris Pratt and Amy Poehler then there’s really nothing you can do when it comes to being insanely funny. Even Rob Lowe contributes to the gags and does his fair share to make people laugh. How are you supposed to get any work done when people are either flubbing their lines on purpose or are drawing a blank when it’s time for their lines? That’s the beauty of the show it seems, it’s all about having fun and eventually getting the episode shot. The cast seems to have so much fun with one another that it doesn’t matter so much if it takes a little extra time to get through the scene. Honestly the outtakes are just as funny as the actual show so most fans are psyched to know that they exist. Just watching their favorite actors bust up on camera is enough sometimes.

Nick Offerman is usually so deadpan that you can almost forget that he’s this funny. Just watching him on a few outtakes of Parks and Recreation are enough to make most people laugh uproariously but you can tell he’s trying to hold it in so badly. Sometimes biting his mustache just isn’t enough.



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