Here’s to Logan and John Wick 2 Not Being in 3D

I was particularly happy when I saw a Reddit post hit their front page and the title reads “a cheer for ‘Logan’ and ‘John Wick 2’ for NOT being in 3D!”  I’d like to share the exact post that the individual made.  Right now it’s sitting at #2 on the front page with close to 40,000 upvotes.  It wasn’t flashy.  It’s not a once in a lifetime literary piece.  It’s just an honest dude from Germany telling it like it is.

I’ve recently seen both these films. and they are both not in 3D which made the quality of watching the movie for me personally SOOO much better. I cant think of what would have been enhanced if watched in 3D. those movies look beautiful and perfect in 2D. those are two huge action movies and they are both being praised. Also they will both make alot of Money ( i hope so ) So my hope is, this starts a trend.

EDIT: since a lot of people are telling me “just watch it in 2D then, no one is forcing you” I live in germany and the theatre that I go to ( which i own a membercard to ) has all the showings in 3D until 2-3 weeks after the movie came out. maybe it will have a 2D showing once per day, but that will be like at noon on a monday or something.

EDIT2: saw Logan at the Berlinale Film Festival, for all of you wondering.

Other than the annoying commenters who are complaining that this guy already saw Logan (Berlinale Film Festival), I was overwhelmed by the positive responses.  There are two times in my life I saw a feature film in 3D.  Once when I was a kid and I had the red and blue glasses and it was just weird.  The other was when I saw Avatar for the first time.  I need to get this off my chest.  It was one of the worst movie experiences of my life.  I simply couldn’t take it.  Maybe it’s because I get nauseous but for the life of me I cannot understand how watching a movie in 3D is good.  Sure when I’m at Hershey park and I watch an animated short with my kid I can take 3D.  But sitting there for over 2 hours?  It’s brutal.  Absolutely brutal.

So I just want to give a proper shout out to all my other non 3D fans.  I knew you were out there!

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