Top 20 Anthony Hopkins Movies of All Time

Top 20 Anthony Hopkins Movies of All Time
Top 20 Anthony Hopkins Movies of All Time

There’s only one Sir Anthony Hopkins. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors in the history of Hollywood, with a career spanning over five decades. He’s done movies, theatre, and television and won countless awards for his incredible performances.

Sir Anthony Hopkins won two Oscars and was nominated for four more. Other than this prestigious award, the iconic actor has many other prizes in his portfolio. But what are the best movies of his career? Here are the top 20 Anthony Hopkins movies of all time.

1. The Silence of the Lambs (8.6)

The Silence of the Lamb hannibal lecter

The Silence of the Lambs is a classic movie, not just for its nerve-wracking plot but also for the mind-blowing acting performances of Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. This psychological horror movie follows a young FBI agent Clarice Starling as she seeks help from a psychopathic serial killer, the infamous Hannibal Lecter. She must work with him to understand the mind of another serial killer and capture him. Hopkins gave the performance of his life as the awfully charming but terrifying cannibal killer, so it makes perfect sense why he even won the Academy Award for Best Performance in 1991 for the movie.

2. The Father (8.2)

the father anthony hopkins movies

The Father is another gem in Sir Anthony Hopkins’ portfolio. Even though it’s more modern than most of his work, it’s still profoundly touching and beautiful, especially because of the actor’s outstanding performance. He won his second Oscar for this role, proving how greatly talented he is. The movie is about an old man living with dementia who starts questioning his reality, even his daughters, as the disease slowly takes over him.

3. The Elephant Man (8.2)

The Elephant Man anthony hopkins

The Elephant Man is a true story about John Merrick, known for his severe deformities. When he gets rescued by a Victorian-era doctor (Hopkins), the complexities of his troubled soul get revealed. This heartbreaking story is a must-see, especially because it’s one of Hopkins’ best performances.

4. Thor: Ragnarok (7.9)

Thor: Ragnarok anthony hopkins

It might have been hard to imagine him in a Marvel movie, but Anthony Hopkins never disappoints. And Thor: Ragnarok is another must-watch for the actor’s fans. The movie is a continuation of Thor’s story, this time on the planet Sakaar where he needs to find a way back to Asgard and stop Ragnarok. Hopkins is masterfully cast for the role of Odin, the ruler of Asgard.

5. The Lion in Winter (7.9)

The Lion in Winter anthony hopkins

The Lion in Winter is a historical drama about the royal family of Henry II of England. It tells the story of how his three sons want to inherit the throne, but the king can’t bring himself to choose one heir among them, leading to much turmoil, vicious plotting, and scheming. Anthony Hopkins plays Prince Richard, and interestingly enough, this is his first major movie role.

6. The Remains of the Day (7.8)

The Remains of the Day anthony hopkins movies

The Remains of the Day is a compelling period drama. Hopkins plays a butler who goes above and beyond for his employer. As World War II starts creeping in, he realizes that his loyalty has been mistaken. This movie is very deep and emotional, especially because of Hopkins’ admirable portrayal of the subtleties of his character.

7. The World’s Fastest Indian (7.8)

The World’s Fastest Indian

Another biographical movie for Anthony Hopkins is a sports drama, The World’s Fastest Indian. In this biopic, he plays New Zealander Burt Munro, who starts rebuilding his 1920 Indian Scout motorbike with the aim of setting the world record at Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flat. Hopkins does a phenomenal job of playing down-to-earth and friendly Munro in this film.

8. The Two Popes (7.6)

The Two Popes

The Two Popes is one of the contemporary masterpieces in Hopkins’ portfolio. It’s an intimate and raw story about one of the most dramatic transitions in the Catholic Church. Anthony Hopkins plays the conservative Pope Benedict XVI, while the legendary Jonathan Pryce plays the liberal future Pope Francis. Both actors deliver out-of-the-world performances as they become close friends and pave the way for Pope Francis to become a respectable religious leader.

9. Legends of the Fall (7.5)

Legends of the Fall anthony hopkins movies

Another phenomenal project in Hopkins’ long portfolio is the romance drama Legends of the Fall. He plays the patriarch Colonel Ludlow who decides to move to the wild countryside to raise his children. Everything changes when he realizes that all his sons are in love with the same girl. This movie is a touching story of love, family, betrayal, war, and nature, and it’s one of Hopkins’ best works.

10. Shadowlands (7.4)


Shadowlands is another extraordinary biographical masterpiece where Sir Anthony Hopkins rules the screen alongside the talented Debra Winger. The film is about the touching relationship between C.S. Lewis, a world-renowned academic and Christian theologian, and Jewish American poet Joy Davidman. 

11. Howard’s End (7.4)

Howards End anthony hopkins movies

Howard’s End is another period piece drama for Hopkins. The movie explores class divide and relations during the early part of the 20th century in Britain. It’s an emotional and compelling story worth watching, especially for Hopkins’ powerful performance as the head of one of the wealthy elite families.

12. Amistad (7.3)

Amistad anthony hopkins

Amistad is a historical drama based on real-life events in 1839 aboard the Spanish slave ship called La Amistad. The movie follows the trial and lives of slaves who rebeled against their captors. Hopkins delivers a remarkable performance as ex-US president John Quincy Adams, alongside other movie icons like Morgan Freeman, Djimon Hounsou, and Matthew McConaughey.

13. Fracture (7.2)

Fracture anthony hopkins

Fracture is a psychological thriller about a wealthy aeronautical engineer (Hopkins) who shoots his unfaithful wife and then gets prosecuted by an ambitious young attorney. The two men get caught up in a mind-boggling game filled with manipulation and tension. Of course, Hopkins delivers an outstanding performance as a manipulative and sketchy criminal.

14. Titus (7.1)

titus anthony hopkins movies

Titus is another impressive movie in Hopkins’ long portfolio. Adapted from William Shakespeare‘s tragedy Titus Andronicus, this movie chronicles Titus’ return from a victorious war as well as his tragic downfall. Sir Anthony Hopkins delivers another spine-chilling and disturbing performance of the ruthless tragic hero Titus, Hannibal Lecteur-style.

15. The Edge (6.9)

The Edge Movie

The Edge is a survival thriller starring Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. Hopkins plays an intellectual and wealthy businessman stranded on an island with two other men after their plane crashes down in the Alaskan wilderness. Together, they must band together to survive against terrible terrain and wild beasts.

16. Magic (6.8)

magic anthony hopkins

Anthony Hopkins is a master of the horror genre. And Magic is one of the early proofs of his genius. The movie is about a failed magician who starts a ventriloquist act with a dummy named Fats, but the story takes the wrong turn when the dummy seems to become uncontrollable and develops a personality of his own.

17. The Mask of Zorro (6.8)

The Mask of Zorro anthony hopkins movies

The Mask of Zorro is a movie about the famous masked swordsman Zorro. Hopkins plays the elder Zorro, who meets the young one (Antonio Banderas) and wants to train him to take over for him. This movie is a must-see, especially because it’s not such a typical role for Sir Anthony Hopkins.

18. The Dresser (6.7)

The Dresser anthony hopkins

The Dresser is a must-watch for many reasons. Not only does the movie feature two of the greatest actors of all time (Anthony Hopkins and Sir Ian McKellen), but it also brings to life a touching and human story worth telling. It’s about an aging actor and his assistant, who prepare for a new theatre performance.

19. Surviving Picasso (6.3)

Surviving Picasso

There’s nothing better than watching Sir Anthony Hopkins play real-life legends. And one of his best works is certainly Surviving Picasso, where the actor plays the famous painter Pablo Picasso. The story is told through the eyes of Picasso’s lover Françoise Gilot who shares her experiences with this ferocious yet sweet and child-like genius.

20. King Lear (6.2)

King lear - anthony hopkins movies

Adapted from Shakespeare’s play of the same name, King Lear is another must-watch in Hopkins’ portfolio. The actor demonstrates the depth of his acting talent in a titular role in this film. The movie is about an aging king who wants his daughter to take over the throne, but everything goes downhill when he chooses the wrong daughter.

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