Head and Shoulders Drops a Ridiculously Awesome Anime Ad

Is there anyone else that kind of saw the end moments of this anime short story coming? Ando the Spy is definitely a different way to promote the Head and Shoulders brand of shampoo but it’s also one of the crazier ways to do it since anime does take a few different approaches to various situations that are so out there that it’s best to just roll with it and laugh or be impressed, or both. Anime is definitely a popular style of animation in America and it’s been growing in leaps and bounds over the years, but using it for commercials is kind of interesting since it brings a new look to a lot of products that is definitely more fantasy than anything. But the fact that Ando was found out by his dandruff is pretty funny considering that the reputation of a spy in the movies and on TV tends to be the type that wouldn’t see dandruff as an acceptable issue to have. People tend to see spies as slick, well-groomed, and immaculate in their personal hygiene unless something about their undercover persona suggests they need to be otherwise. Being tracked by the dandruff trail is just hilarious though, not to mention possibly very embarrassing since the condition is something that a lot of people are extremely self-conscious about.

There are so many jokes that have been made about dandruff that trying to remember them all is more than a little difficult, but this is one of those times when a person can’t help but think that someone finally made good on one of them since it was used in a way that’s bound to elicit laughs and enhance the commercial as Ando goes running off at the end with suds in his hair and a towel flapping around his waist. It’s a lot of work for a shampoo commercial but when it’s compared to a lot of other commercials it at least makes some sort of sense considering that those tracking Ando did so by using something that he couldn’t control apparently. Too many commercials tend to confuse people with their overall meaning since they’ll use various props and individuals to push products that might otherwise have little if anything to do with each other. That kind of advertising tends to make folks think that the creative minds that are being put together for said commercials are under the influence of something a little stronger than caffeine, especially when it comes to the fact that even the imagery feels like it’s being created with a little added boost to the creative ‘genius’ that so many people are lauded for.

This commercial at least makes it kind of clear what’s going on and why Ando is being traced so easily. The many commercials that present their imagery and then their product make a lot of people look cross-eyed at the screen as they try to figure out what one has to do with the other and why anyone would possibly make the connection without having it explained to them in a long, drawn-out manner. The average commercial is usually pretty good about making some sort of link between its product and the imagery it produces, though some are bound to be confusing on purpose since that’s part of the point and they take full advantage of it. Commercials are, by and large, meant to deliver a product and give people a reason to seek the product out and buy it simply because they want it, need it, or desire it to see the product might make their lives a little better. There’s a good chance that a certain percentage of the stuff that’s placed on TV won’t make a bit of difference in a person’s life, but the point of making a commercial is to generate the need in customers to buy a product, and a lot of commercials have completed their purpose fairly well once people have watched the advertisement and decide that they want to purchase the product for whatever reason might come to mind.

Head and Shoulders definitely decided to go in a different route this time, but if it works then it works, since the main part of getting people to pay attention is giving them something that they can’t look away from, and action coupled with anime is a great way to go about it. Whether it will get people to buy the product is hard to say since shampoo is kind of a tough product to predict when it comes to sails since a lot of people use a lot of different products and at one point it would have been smart to say that this would work beyond any doubt. But has anyone taken a stroll down the shampoo aisle lately? There are A LOT of options.

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