Hayden Christiansen Had Trouble Filming Star Wars’ Lightsaber Battles for an Adorable Reason

It’s been a very long time since the world has seen Hayden Christiansen attached to the Star Wars franchise.   In fact it’s been 12 years since Christiansen starred as a young Anakin Skywalker in the movie Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, which was arguably (undoubtedly) the best episode of the prequel trilogy.  That’s the movie where Anakin turns to the dark side and the way it all played out throughout the film was awesome.   While Christiansen hasn’t been part of the Star Wars universe since 2005, that didn’t stop him from being front and center at the Stars Wars Celebration 2017.

In fact he gave the event one of the most heartfelt and adorable admissions that we’ll see all weekend.  Christiansen admitted that making the Star Wars prequels was a childhood dream come true, and as such, he did some reverting to childhood whenever he took up a lightsaber.  In fact it’s the reason he had a ton of trouble doing lightsaber scenes.  Hayden said:

I had been conditioned from a very young age to make the sound effect when I’m swinging a lightsaber. I know this is something that Ewan [McGregor] maybe struggled with a little bit too. It was a difficult habit to break. And I remember on a couple of occasions George, you would come over after we had filmed a fight scene and in a very encouraging way you [George Lucas] would say, ‘Hayden, that looks really great but, I can see your mouth moving and you don’t have to do that. We add the sound effects in afterwards.’ I was just so focused I wasn’t even aware I was doing it.

Can you blame the guy? While Hayden Christiansen may never be part of the Star Wars franchise again, his role was vital to the continuity of the prequels.

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