Mardi Gras Chewbacchus Needs to Be Its Own Holiday

Lent is already underway and the party fest known as Mardi-Gras is already over.   However, it’s never too late to celebrate Chewbacchus, the coolest Star Wars-themed Mardi Gras festival in the Galaxy.  Thankfully we have video evidence of this extraordinary event from Youtuber Riain Rising who was nice enough to detail his February adventures in New Orleans.   According to Gizmodo,

Chewbacchus is an annual Carnival parade where fans of Star Wars and other scifi franchises come together to drink the sweet blue milk nectar of life. It’s full of floats, dance routines, and elaborate costumes… although you’re not allowed to dress as a unicorn or elf (sorry, those are the rules). They also crown a nerdy king or queen every year, and 2017’s was Ross Marquand of The Walking Dead.

Chewbacchus is hosted every year by the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus, or IKOC, which basically sounds like the coolest team name ever. It gets an average of at least 20,000 attendees per year, largely thanks to word of mouth

As a former student of Tulane University, it’s these smaller but more intimate parades I always loved during Mardi-Gras time.  These are the festivals that are held well before the main events and before all the tourists get there.  While 20,000 attendees isn’t small, one place you do NOT want to be during the main parades is the French Quarter.  It’s obscenely crowded.  Anyway, to get a better glimps of Chewbacchus, check out the video below:

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