In Honor of Shrove Tuesday: The Best Pancake Scenes in Movies

In Honor of Shrove Tuesday: The Best Pancake Scenes in Movies

In Honor of Shrove Tuesday: The Best Pancake Scenes in Movies

Many of you might not know that today is Shrove Tuesday.  What is Shrove Tuesday?  I’m glad you asked.   Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day is meant to commemorate the final day before Ash Wednesday with a celebratory pancake feast.  Different iterations of the popular pancake can be created for this event – a thick cake or a thin crepe all make viable meals to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. The popular British manner in which to serve the cakes is thin and served with lemon juice or syrup.

But that doesn’t really matter to us since we’re a TV and movie site.  What matters is looking back at pop culture, particularly movies, and identifying scenes that featured pancakes.  There are a lot of breakfast scenes in movies, but a singular focus on pancakes isn’t easy to find.  Here you’ll get a little bit of both.

Here are six awesome pancakes scenes in movies:

Falling Down – Breakfast at Whammyburger

Michael Douglas’ day from Hell might not have escalated quite so ridiculously if he had been allowed breakfast at Whammyburger, despite being some three minutes late.  For future reference to all fast food places.  Get your meals out on time.

Pulp Fiction Breakfast Scene

There was no way I was leaving this off the list.  An incredible conversation about pigs and dogs accompanying their meal.

The Big Lebowski Pancakes Scene

The implication of this scene is of course that the pancakes are the great healer – this scene is the first revelation that Aimee Mann’s character was willing to cut off her toe for the sake of the kidnap plan, and the Lingonberry Pancakes are somehow a part of the ceremony.

Uncle Buck – Miles’ Birthday Present

Best pancakes ever.

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Who can ever forget the breakfast machine?  Best breakfast invention ever.

Rain Man Maple Syrup Scene

82, 82, 82.  The toothpicks scene!  Best part of this scene?  Bonnie Hunt is the waitress and she and Tom Cruise later appear in Jerry McGuire together.

I was going to add the gross scene from Road Trip but it’s French Toast, not pancakes.  Plus it’s disgusting.


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