Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 21 Review: “Ua helele’I ka hoku (Fallen Star)”

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 21 Review: “Ua helele’I ka hoku (Fallen Star)”

Hawaii Five-0

There’s plenty of suspicious minds to go around in this week’s Elvis-themed murder. Hawaii Five-0 pays tribute to the lore surrounding the King of Rock n’Roll, and hilarity ensues.

All of the Elvis jokes in the world can’t help the Elvis of the case who has “left the building” in the middle of his impersonation contest. As Grover says, “The King is dead…again.” Max points to a different cause of death than that which killed the original Elvis, this time murder by cyanide poisoning. The victim, Lane Collins, is theorized to have been killed since he was close to getting the $20,000 prize money for the impersonation contest. Jerry smells something fishier though, and it turns out his theory about the victim having a costume mix-up could be an important clue in the case. It also turns out that Collins was once apart of a big up and coming band out of Hawaii until the bad fell apart. Turns out to be a quickly closed case from there; a fan obsessed with the victim’s former band killed him to protect his legacy from being tainted by his career as an impersonator. So case closed, let’s go home and get our grub on like Grover wants.

Not so fast though, because just as the case is closed, another dead body turns up at the dry cleaners where the bad Elvis suit was, and the victim’s body is stolen from the morgue. The team quickly finds out that the jumpsuit the victim was wearing had stolen diamonds embedded in it connected to a previous killer, Ivanovich, from a few episodes back. So Danny and Steve go to Barry, the fence from that particular case, to figure out who came looking for the diamonds. It’s too bad Barry is the one who set up the body snatching-diamond thief crew. The one person Barry doesn’t know is coming after the diamonds is Ivanovich’s big bad brother. Now Elvis did a lot, as evidenced by the many, many, many hours of Elvis trivia; but I’m pretty sure Elvis never hid a machine gun in his guitar case. The team takes him down of course, and Jerry pays tribute to Collins with a soul-filled song. Wow, Jerry has some pipes!

So the Elvis name had a bad week, then again so did members of the 5-0 team. Grover is having a really hard time following arresting his former best friend last week. He went back to Chicago in order to dig up the truth, and all he was met with was stony silence from his former friends. The theory is that Clay duped everyone back home with his sob story, thereby guaranteeing their loyalty and silence so that Grover could never uncover the truth. Instead of being seen for the good cop that he is, everyone he used to know treats him like he’s Internal Affairs. If he were still living in Chicago, that would be a lonely place to be right now. Luckily, Grover has his team to have his back.

Now a few episodes back when Chin’s brother-in-law killed the IA detective he made a deal with, effectively getting Chin off the hook for aiding Danny’s crimes, I stated that I still didn’t feel good about the situation. This episode’s events proved exactly what I was afraid of, as Gabriel has come back to collect. Just to make sure Chin is cooperative, Gabriel offers his own brand of incentive in the form of mysterious photos of Adam. What they mean and what Chin is willing to continue to risk, are questions that will have to be answered later.

What does Gabriel have up his sleeve to put his brother-in-law through a new kind of hell?

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