Have You Noticed These 10 Details In The Peanuts Movie?

credit: The Peanuts Movie

The Peanuts Movie is a 2015 animated film featuring some characters from the Peanuts comic strip, particularly the major ones. The story had some overarching storylines such as Charlie Brown trying his best to be noticed by his crush but failing every time and Snoopy imagining himself as a World War 1 pilot combatting his nemesis, the Red Baron who abducted Fifi, his love interest in his manuscript.

Today, we will serve you ten fun facts from the movie. These facts are a curation of details you might have missed from the movie or some background knowledge that went into its creation. Tell us in the comments which one you found to be the most interesting.


credit: The Peanuts Movie


1. The Little Red-Haired Girl’s name

Have you ever wondered why that girl was always called “The Little Red-Haired Girl”? When Charlie Brown picked her from the fish bowl to be his partner in their book report, the voice inside him even referred to her as “the little red-haired girl,” as if she did not have a name of her own.

The truth is, she had a name, and it was Heather Wold. It was seen in the list of exam scores. She was the fourth placer.


credit: The Peanuts Movie


2. Charlie Brown scored the lowest on the exam

Looking back at the same list of scores, you would notice that the person at the bottom was Patricia Reichardt, and this was Peppermint Patty’s real name. When passing their papers, they accidentally swapped papers, so Charlie’s original paper was named to Patricia and vice-versa. This means that “Patricia Reichardt,” being the lowest scorer, implies that Charlie scored the lowest.


3. Sally Brown wanted to go to Disneyland

It seemed that these fictional characters knew real-life places. The response came from the school paper article “Mooooo!” where the authors interviewed Sally after she was saved by her brother in her doomed talent show performance.


4. the same person voiced Sally Brown and Fifi

Okay, not precisely the Sally Brown in The Peanuts Movie. We’re talking about Sally Brown in the 1967 musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Kristin Chenoweth voiced the two characters from different movies.


5. The adults’ voices

No person voiced the (unseen) adults in the movie. Instead, they were voiced by a trombone whose sounds were made to appeal to human emotions. For example, when Heather Wold’s mother told Charlie Brown of her daughter’s summer camp, the trombone voice seemed to let out quite a longer and louder noise, indicating a sense of urgency, as Charlie Brown needed to hurry up so that he could catch the bus.


6. The involvement of Schulz’s son and grandson

Charles M. Schulz was known as the author of the Peanuts comic strips. His son, Craig Schulz, and his son (Charles’ grandson), Brian Schulz, started working on the movie as early as 2006, around nine years before the movie came out and six years after Charles’ death.


7. Snoopy owned a copy of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night

There are three things with infinite capacity: Doraemon’s pocket, Dora’s backpack, and Snoopy’s doghouse. So one night, while looking for the “steps” to guide Charlie Brown’s dancing, he threw out some random items from his house before coming out with the box of “steps.” Among those items thrown out was the painting Starry Night.


8. Charlie Brown changes shirt

Like most cartoon characters, it seemed that Charlie Brown only had one piece of clothing. However, the movie showed his wardrobe consisted of… wait for it … a few identical yellow shirts with black zigzag! This means he would change clothes, but the design stayed the same.


9. The kids had ungodly clear eyesight

On the last day of school, the kids were looking out at the carnival from afar. And they managed to see Snoopy riding a Ferris wheel? Of course, it would be understandable that they saw the carnival or even just a dog on the ride, but to figure out that the dog’s features match up to Snoopy’s is a fantastic feat.


10. The red baron soon died out

In the post-credits scene, the red baron seemed to run out of battery (or whatever was making it run) and fell into the lake near where a random kid asked Charlie Brown to teach him how to fly a kite.

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