Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 4 Review: “Red Dye #40”

Hart of Dixie

Last night marked Hart of Dixie‘s first whodunnit episode with a special Bluebell twist.  Of course there wasn’t actually a murder – not even close.  Someone poisoned Shelby in the talent show.  I’ll admit I was quick to roll my eyes at the beginning and write it off as a ridiculous plot but by the end I realized how wrong I was.  It perfectly encapsulated all the qualities we love about this town and its people.

Keeping in mind that there was a six week time jump since they reunited in New York, Zoe and Wade have been keeping their relationship on the down-low.  Wade’s ready to take it public but Zoe has some hesitations about that.  Her fears are understandable once she’s forced to admit them to Wade when they were hiding in the Rammer Jammer utility closet.  I actually thought that everyone in town must have had their suspicions that they were back together but didn’t care to make a big deal out of it.  After all, the real shocker was the pregnancy announcement.

Lavon and Lemon are still skirting around their own rekindled mutual attraction.  He genuinely wants to help by loaning her the money she needs for Fancie’s while she just can’t accept that.  Coincidentally, Lavon happens to find a surplus in the town’s budget that’s more than enough to cover what Lemon needs.  He adds it to the prize of the talent show, which is where the mystery began after Shelby suffers from an allergic reaction mid-performance.

Sheriff Bill springs into action, publicly interrogating the suspects at the Rammer Jammer of all places.  Even Tansy Truitt and her brothers were suspected, as the Brothers Truitt were set to perform with the help of a reluctant George.  Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of Tansy.  She may be engaged to Scooter McGreevey but that just means there’s still a sliver of a chance for her and George to end up together.

Although the preview for next week shows Lemon trying to set George up with Annabeth, which could be interesting.  They’re one pairing this show never tried out yet.  They seem like they could be compatible but I’m holding out hope for Annabeth and Lavon! There’s plenty of time left to turn Lavon around from his Lemon obsession.  He actually even asked Lemon if there would be a chance for them if AB wasn’t a factor.  As Lemon says, “There’ll always be an AB.”  Actions speak louder than words if her next move is to try to get AB to move on from Lavon, so it’s anyone’s guess as to how this will all work out.

Besides the Truitts, plenty of other Bluebell characters were featured: Tom and Wanda, Shula, Crickett, and Stanley.  It was actually a really fun and genius idea to make this a mystery-themed episode.  One of my favorite quotes came from Lemon when she was on the interrogation stand: “I’m a Southern lady.  My methods of warfare are purely psychological.”

In the end, Zoe came clean to everyone while solving the mystery for them.  Rose was accidentally to blame for Shelby’s “poisoning” because of the cheesy powder on her hands.  Shelby actually won the talent show and selflessly gave Lemon the prized check.  All along, Brick has wanted his daughter and girlfriend to get along, and as usual Lemon is being childish about that whole situation.  I would have expected that behavior from Magnolia, not Lemon.  Now all Shelby asks in return is the possibility that they can be friends one day.  We all know Lemon would never call Shelby “Mom” but the least she can do is respect her father’s decision and try to warm up to the woman.

What did you think of the episode?

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