Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 6 Review: “Alabama Boys”

Hart of Dixie

This week’s Hart of Dixie tackled a lot of issues at once.  Any lingering confusion between the handful of love triangles was cleared up and the endgame couples are unofficially established, for better or worse.  On a more serious note, a visitor hits too close to home for the Breelands, setting Lemon up for an important arc.

Even though they have their relationship worries sorted out, Zoe and Wade are still central to the story after they learn the gender of their baby.  It’s a boy!  They’re both shocked, because for whatever silly reason, they were expecting a girl.  What they come to realize in the end is that no matter what, they’re only able to do the best they can as long as they show up everyday in their child’s life.  It was a little cheesy how Wade got scared of raising a son who could turn out to be just like him in his younger years and/or Magnolia’s boyfriend Chet the cowboy, but it got the message across.

Now to get to the juicy parts of the episode!  Annabeth and George have a few awkward run-ins around town while they’re both trying to deny their attraction to each other.  On one hand, it makes sense since they have been friends or at least acquaintances for more than half their lives.  On the other hand, hiding their crushes from their respective friends was silly.  Annabeth was confiding in Crickett about the guy she likes, but what really surprised me was that Tansy was George’s go-to confidante.  It was mostly out of convenience than anything else, but their friendship and scheming to crash the party together really drove home the point that they’re platonic friends.  When the idea came to Lemon to set AB and George up, I initially thought it would never work.  Now I officially ship them together.  They really are a great pairing as they compliment each other’s quirks perfectly.

With Annabeth’s revelation comes her blessing for Lemon to be with Lavon.  Even AB isn’t blind to the fact that those two still love each other, and she wasn’t going to be petty about it by making her best friend suffer.  Lemon didn’t even make it close to Lavon’s house before her heart dropped for a different reason entirely.  I know this isn’t necessarily the final season, but the way they’re paralleling the first season by bringing her mother Alice back is very interesting.  Lavon was there to comfort Lemon when she witnessed Alice’s new family in the first season, so I expect something similar this time around.

Besides parenting worries and relationship issues, the next biggest takeaway from “Alabama Boys” is the temporary agreement between Mayors Gainey and Hayes to co-host a championship football game between their two towns of Fillmore and Bluebell.  A part of me hopes we get to see this game happen next week, if only to see how the rival citizens come together for one day.

Notable quotables:

-”I am completely over Lavon Hayes.  You know how I know?  Because the second you walked in the door, I wanted to murder you.” – Annabeth’s special way of telling George that she likes him

-“Listen, Chet. You’re gonna live the life I let you live.  That means staying far, far away from Magnolia.” – Wade’s parenting skills coming out already

What did you think of “Alabama Boys”?  What do you want to see happen in the final four episodes?  

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