Deep Dive into Harry Styles’ As It Was’ Lyrics & Meaning

Deep Dive into Harry Styles’ As It Was’ Lyrics & Meaning
Deep Dive into Harry Styles’ As It Was’ Lyrics & Meaning

During the 2010s, Harry Styles was more popularly known for being a member of the famous English-Irish boy band One Direction. Fans and music industry observers have watched Harry Styles‘ musical journey from boy band to solo artist. Over the years, the singer from Redditch, Worcestershire, England, has had all his released studio albums certified Platinum by the RIAA.

One song that stood out from his third studio album, Harry’s House, is “As It Was.” The song became a global hit, debuting on the music charts of many countries. Here’s a detailed look at the song’s lyrics, production, and chart performances.

“As It Was” Production And Lyrics

Harry Styles All It Was video

“As It Was” easily falls into the Synth-pop and new wave genres. The song was co-written by Styles, Thomas Hull, and Tyler Johnson. Similarly, it was produced by Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon. Although “As It Was” was recorded in 2021, it was released on April 1, 2022. Released as the lead single for the singer’s third album, “As It Was” is listed as track four in the album track listing. The song’s lyrics are centered around loneliness and change.

Since its release, the lyrics have been subjected to several interpretations from fans, music enthusiasts, and critics. On the one hand, there are speculations the song refers to himself – speaking of childhood trauma and how fame has changed him. On his part, Harry Styles says it’s about the way the world changed after the pandemic. Then, a part of the lyrics seemingly points to his relationship with Olivia Wilde. “As It Was” is an earworm that stayed on repeat for many listeners. Although a change from his style, there’s no denying Harry Styles delivered another masterpiece.

“As It Was” Music Video

The music video for “As It Was” was released alongside its audio. It begins with styles walking in reverse and trying to go back home. The music video was filmed in London, with Ukrainian music video director Tanu Muino directing it. One of the highlights of the video is Harry Styles on a rotating platform with dancer Mathilde Lin. Since its release on YouTube, “As It Was” music video has over 598 million views and 7.5 million likes.

“As It Was” Chart Performances

Harry Styles in All It Was music video

“As It Was” received critical acclaim from music critics. Upon its release, it topped the UK Singles Chart. With a total of ten weeks on the chart, it became the longest-running number-one and best-selling single of 2022 in the UK. However, it wasn’t only the UK that felt the electrifying effect of the song. “As It Was” also topped the US Billboard Hot 100. This made it the second time Harry Styles’ had a single on top of the chart. It stayed on top of the Billboard Hot 100 for 15 weeks. With this, Harry Styles also became the first UK artist to have the longest-running single on top of the chart.

The song also topped all the notable charts in Canada and many European charts. It was number 1 on Brazil International Pop Airplay (Crowley Charts), Billboard Global 200, Japan Hot Overseas (Billboard Japan), South Africa (RISA), and Malaysia International (RIM). It also topped on Mexico (Billboard), Mexico Airplay (Billboard), and Singapore (RIAS). The song was certified 3x Platinum in the United Kingdom (BPI) and 6x Platinum in the United States (RIAA).

“As It Was” First Live Performance

The first time Harry Styles performed a live performance for “As It Was” was at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This was within the same month the song was officially released. True to the nature of the song and beat, Harry Styles began the performance by running down the stairs to an awaiting microphone. While there’s no doubt Harry Styles has had success with many of his songs, “As It Was” was a masterpiece he’ll always be remembered for worldwide.

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