10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hannah Gross

Hannah Gross

Every year there are a couple of actors who seemingly pop up out of nowhere and have a break out year. In 2017, Hannah Gross was one of them. Although she’s been in the business for more than a decade, she didn’t become well-known until her role as Debbie Mitford in the Netflix series, Mindhunter. Since then, Hannah has continued to carve out a path for herself and lots of viewers are impressed with the work she’s done so far. She’s proven that she has the hard work and talent she needs to be successful in the entertainment business. Although she’s not quite a household name, she’s certainly getting there. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Hannah Gross.

1. Her Parents Are Actors

Acting is in Hannah Gross’ genes. Both of her parents are professional actors with a long list of credits to their names. Her father, Paul Gross has mad dozens of on-screen appearances and is best-known for his role in the Canadian TV show, Due South. Her mother, Martha Burns, is best-known for her role in the Canadian series, Slings and Arrows.

2. She Graduated from NYU

After attending high school in her hometown, Hannah decided to venture out. She attended New York University where she studied theater at the Tisch School of the Arts. Hannah struggled a bit in during her first two years of school. The competitive culture of the city proved to be much. Hannah ultimately decided to take a year off school and felt much better when she returned to complete her degree.

3. Her On Screen Debut Was Uncredited

Seeing your name in the credits is something every actor looks forward to. But sometimes you have to put in the work without the credit – especially at the beginning of your career. Hannah Gross earned her first on screen appearance in an uncredited role in the 2002 film, Mens with Brooms. The film was directed by Hannah’s father and he also played the starring role.

4. She’s Canadian

Hannah Gross has earned a lot of success among American audiences, but she is actually from Canada. She was born and raised in Toronto where she lived until moving to New York City for college. While growing up, she spent a lot of time on the set of her parents’ various TV shows and films.

5. The Matrix Is Her Favorite Movie

Anyone who is a huge fan of both The Matrix and Hannah Gross will be pleased to know that the 1999 film is the actress’ favorite. When asked about her favorite film during an interview, Hannah stated, “There are definitely other and definitely better films. I don’t know how to classify favorite, but when I was nine I got the VHS of “The Matrix,” and I watched this like every day for three months. And I can still watch it and get the exact same feeling.”

6. She’s A Theater Actress As Well

In addition to working on the big and small screens, Hannah also has some stage experience as well. She’s appeared in two stage productions, most notable her role as Katie in the 2010 production of Doc. Since Hannah’s acting roots are tied to the theater, it wouldn’t be surprising if she did a few more stage plays before it’s all said and done.

7. She Worked At Hooters

Everybody has had at least one job they’ve hated. For Hannah Gross, that job was working at Hooters. She landed the job after she and a friend earned their bartending licenses and decided to give it a try. Although she only worked there for three weeks, it proved to be a terrible experience. Fortunately for Hannah, her acting career has taken off and her days of working for tips are behind her.

8. She Was A Shy Kid

Shyness probably isn’t a common trait for actors. After all, shy people probably wouldn’t be too comfortable getting on a stage or in front of a camera and performing in front of an audience. However, Hannah Gross was a very shy kid. As a result, she didn’t start getting into acting until she was in high school.

9. She’s Worked As A Director

On top of being an actress, Hannah Gross can also add director to her resume. In 2012, she directed an adaptation of the well-known play, A Streetcar Named Desire. The play originally opened on Broadway in 1947 and has been remade several times both on stage and on screen.

10. She Loves Archeology

When Hannah Gross was a kid, she spent a lot of time visiting her grandmother who grew up in the badlands in Alberta, Canada. The two spent a lot of time bone hunting together which helped Hannah discover her interest in archaeology. Hannah has fond memories of this time and considers her grandmother one of her inspirations. She’s even working on an experimental documentary film about her grandmother’s story.

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