Is There a Possibility We’ll Ever See a “Hangover 4?”

If you’re a fan of the Hangover movies and wanted to see another one then you might want to prepare for disappointment since there’s a better than good chance that it will never happen. Actor Ed Helms has been pretty adamant about this in various interviews and considering that he’s one of the key actors it might be wise to listen. Those what would want another one are quite possibly those that just love gimmickry for its own sake and don’t mind seeing the same jokes over and over until they’re more watered down than a fast food soda left on the dash for too long. Before anyone really gets bent out of shape about it however there are a few reasons why this should be considered a good thing and why the Hangover series is better off being left where it’s at.

All the guys are married, which kind of cuts off any chance of getting TOO crazy anymore.

You might want to argue this point, you might even want to say that being married doesn’t mean that guys don’t get to do crazy things, and you’re right. Marriage isn’t the end of being able to get together with friends and just be wild and nutty. But given the theme of the Hangover movies this is more or less the truth since after each one of them gets married the propensity for craziness seems to die down just a little. After Doug got married in the first one he didn’t go out with the guys in the second one, and the only reason that they went out and got nuts in the third one was because of Mr. Chow. Now that all the main characters are married there’s a good chance that the zany adventures would either have to get way too beyond the scope of reality or would be increasingly boring and mundane. Plus, the whole idea of getting married was to settle down just a bit and create a stable life for each of the characters. Alan finally getting married was kind of an interesting ending but at the very least it ended the movie on a note that was taken more or less from the first movie.

The Mr. Chow angle is played out.

Mr. Chow was great in the first one, in the second one he was even better, but by the third movie he started to get a little stale and his antics weren’t quite as funny anymore since we’d seen the scope of his comedy. Don’t get that twisted, Mr. Chow was a funny and crazy character and highly enjoyable, but as far as these movies go he was kind of over and done with by the second movie. Pitting his character against a kingpin-type antagonist played by John Goodman felt almost too surreal, almost as if someone had taken The Big Lebowski and added a big dash of crazy along with serious acid trip to see what might happen. In the first movie Mr. Chow was more or less a hidden figure that turned out to be more instrumental than people thought he would be, but by the second he became a major theme to the story that came with so many complications and convoluted story lines that following him was like trying to follow a jackrabbit hopped up on speed. That’s how crazy the character of Mr. Chow was, and that’s how hard it was to follow him around sometimes.

Honestly the second and third movie didn’t feel like they needed to be made.

After the first movie turned out to be a success a lot of people raised their eyebrows but couldn’t do much except agree that the movie was  rousing hit that surprised everyone. But the second and third movies made people roll their eyes more than anything as they had to wonder just was going to roll onto the theater for the next two installments. As it usually happens, sequels have to push the boundaries and stretch their limits a lot more than the original movies do in order to keep the attention of the audience. Unfortunately that means that the zany nature of both films had to include moments and material that was fairly cringe-worthy and made many people shake their heads as they wondered just what the director had been thinking. A lot of it was insanely funny, but then there was a lot in the second and third movies that made people wonder “what did I just watch?”. While this kind of sentiment can be good or bad when it comes to a movie, this time it was something akin to dumbfounded amazement that such things would be put into the movies.

So to be honest, don’t start waiting for the Hangover 4 movie as it’s not likely to happen. You might see a reboot of the original before you see a fourth installment, as reboots are quite popular these days. Until then this is what most people want to remember about the movie:

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