10 Things You Didn’t Know about Han So Hee

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Han So Hee

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Han So Hee

She’s been in the business since 2016, and she’s quickly making a big name for herself. Han So-hee knew she wanted to be an actress, but she might not have realized at the time just how big she’d get, and how fast she’d get there. She’s been in many films that have received rave reviews already, and now her name is getting bigger every single day. With her fan base growing, there are more and more people looking to learn as much as they can about her as quickly as they can. Let us help you figure out who she is.

1. She’s South Korean

Han So-hee was born on November 18, 1994 in South Korea. She’s from Ulsan, and she spent most of her childhood there. She attended the Ulsan Girls’ High School before she was able to take on her career as an actress.

2. She’s Worked Everywhere

She knew she wanted to act, but she had to make ends meet while she tried to make a name for herself. Like many actors and actresses across the globe, she spent a lot of her time working part-time for various companies doing all the things. She worked in a bar and restaurant. She was in a clothing store selling accessories for a time. She’s done it all.

3. She’s Artistic

Her time in high school was spent heavily focused on her art. She loved to draw, and she was quick to enroll in any artistic classes that she could find while she was in school. She also shares many of her drawings on her social media pages. She did give up art, however, to focus on acting.

4. She Dreamed Big

She is a young woman who had a dream, and she made it a reality. She headed to Seoul from her hometown with all of $270 and a dream when she was only 19. She was by herself. She had nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no idea how she was going to survive, but she knew she had the grit and determination to make it happen. So, she did.

5. She’s Very Close to her Grandmother

This touches my soul in the sweetest way. As someone who lost her grandmother earlier this year just shy of her 102nd birthday, my heart breaks again each day I see her beautiful face in a photo or pick up my phone to send her a photo or a text. The fact that Han So-hee is close to her grandmother is such a relatable feeling. Her grandmother is her everything, and there really is not a sweeter or more special bond in the world.

6. Her Grandmother Raised Her

Her childhood was a sweet one with her grandmother. She moved in with her when she was only 3. We aren’t entirely sure where her parents were or what happened at that point, but her grandmother raised her from the time she was 3 until she left for Seoul when she was 19.

7. She Changed her Last Name

While she might go by Han So-hee, she is actually Lee. She changed her name to work, which is not uncommon in her industry. Many people do so, and she’s just one of the many who have done this to work in the acting business.

8. Her First Job Was a Music Video

She did not get her start as an actress working in a show, working on a film, or doing something on the stage. Her first role as an actress was in a music video, which is every 90s girls’ dream, is it not? She starred in a Shinee music video in which she played Minho’s girlfriend.

9. She’s Very Private

Sorry, fans; you are not going to get much from her if you’re looking for a deep look into her personal life. She’s a young woman who was raised to value her privacy and the life she is living, and that’s how she’s been doing it all her life.

10. She’s Often Mistaken for Another Star

There is another star by the name of Ryujin. She’s part of a girl band, and the two are very similar in appearance. In fact, fans often wonder if they are sisters, or even if they are the same person on occasion. They are both mistaken for one another on occasion, and that has to be a very cool thing to experience – the concept of looking so much like another famous person that their fans approach you. We wonder if they ever joke around about it with fans.

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