10 Things You Didn’t Know about Halsey

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Halsey

Sometimes when musicians have issues in their lives there are people that might say “oh poor baby, pity you” with sarcasm dripping off every syllable. In Halsey’s case however those folks might need to take a step back and gain a little bit of perspective. She’s been through a great deal in her life at this point, some of which you might say was her choice and didn’t turn out okay, and other instances that were beyond her ability to choose and need to be dealt with in whatever way possible so as to maintain her own personal health, both physical and mental. Judging people because they’re in the public eye is a common habit of those that aren’t famous or those that simply feel that their word needs to be heard. In this case however, even if Halsey seems kind of forward at times, her case is such that a person needs to understand what she’s going through before they pipe up.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. Her stage name is an anagram of her first name.

Her first name is Ashley, which is easy to see could be converted into Halsey. A lot of people take on different stage names for various reasons, hers is based on a New York subway station, so it’s not too hard to figure out where she got it.

9. A lot of her fame came from self-released music on social media.

There have been a few people throughout recent history that seemed to enjoy this route since in truth a lot of social media sites can elevate a person in no time at all no matter what the content might be. People want to tune in to something they think might be the next big thing.

8. Her family moved around a lot when she was younger.

As you can imagine this took a bit of a toll on her as there was no real chance to get to know people and establish a lot of solid relationships with others since she and the family were moving around so often. This often leaves people feeling kind of disconnected from society in a way and makes it very hard to establish any real bond with anyone.

7. She used to live with friends or in homeless shelters in her late teens.

This was a more dangerous time in her life that didn’t seem entirely safe but somehow she survived. She’s even admitted to purchasing a pack of Red Bull at one time so that she could stay awake all night so that she didn’t have to worry about being raped or assaulted as she slept.

6. There’s a wide range of musical influences that she was exposed to while growing up.

Between her parents and their tastes in music she got to listen to everything from 2Pac to Nirvana so she had a variety of tunes to listen to and learn from. She was also musically-inclined as a young girl and had picked up on how to play a few instruments by the time she was 14.

5. At the age of 17 she tried to commit suicide.

There’s emphasis on the word ‘tried’. The failure to actually make it stick made her wake up a little bit and showed her that life was indeed precious and to be valued more than anything. Not long after this she became involved in a few different causes that she felt were worth joining.

4. She’s been an activist for a while now.

Halsey has no trouble speaking her mind and is a firm believer in Planned Parenthood. While this makes her a controversial person to some it is a belief that she has stood behind and donated to throughout the years.

3. Singing and performing has allowed her to get a better handle on her bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is something that a lot of people seem to deal with on a regular basis and is punctuated by very high feelings of euphoric bliss and very low points of depression that can be dangerous with some individuals. For Halsey though her music has been something that has allowed her to vent and share those feelings so they don’t overwhelm her.

2. She went back onstage at one point even after discovering she was having a miscarriage.

You could say she’s tough because of this or kind of foolish, but in truth if you find out you’re having a miscarriage it’s time to head for the hospital and turn your back on the tour. The fans will either understand or not, but it’s not worth the health of the woman going through it.

1. Halsey has been pretty open about her struggle with endometriosis.

If anyone doesn’t know, endometriosis is when the same lining that grows inside the uterus begins to grow outside of it as well. This can cause intense pain and is a very real problem that women have to deal with at times.

So like her or not, Halsey has been through enough and is still here, so that kind of proves that she’s serious about her career.

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