Guy Replaces His Bike Wheels With Saw Blades To Bike On Ice

Guy Replaces His Bike Wheels With Saw Blades To Bike On Ice

This is an interesting idea, kind of. To say the most it sounds and looks like something that someone would regret if they rode along the same track more than once. It’s an interesting idea, to say the least, but it’s also something that doesn’t seem optimal since wherever the bike is going it’s bound to gain enough traction on the ice, with one major caveat. It would be necessary to stay away from any spot that had already been ridden over since the weight of the bike and the efficiency of the blades for cutting through the ice would spell disaster at some point. Maybe that’s not the case since a lot of us are bound to look at this thing from the point of view of those that are thinking logically and understand that sharp objects and ice generally don’t mix that well. It could be that his idea is sound and perhaps the blades don’t punch through the ice as efficiently as we’re thinking, but the laws of physics kind of appear to argue that this wouldn’t be the best idea in the world, simply because cutting something that’s bound to fracture if it’s cut too deeply would be a very bad idea, especially when it’s covering water that’s cold enough to kill if a person is submerged for too long. But maybe that’s paranoia-laced common sense talking, it’s hard to say.

What isn’t that hard to imagine is that on the right terrain this bike would tear it up, literally, and offer the best possible traction for ground that might otherwise be a little too tough to ride on. The thing is, riding on ice is usually best done by those that know what they’re doing and have the confidence that the surface beneath them is thick enough to withstand their weight. In certain parts of the world, this is a given since some bodies of water can freeze over and accumulate ice that’s insanely thick and can support cars, ice shanties, and even trailers in some cases. If that’s where this guy is riding then it might make a little more sense considering that the fact that these saw blades are going to be punching through the ice one wouldn’t want to be crisscrossing their own path that often unless they were certain of the integrity of the surface they were on. Still, saying that, it was apparent that anywhere but the ice they’d be kind of useless, even though the wheels look pretty cool. It’s a good bit of ingenuity for a purpose that is worthwhile, but at the same time still, a big risk that can only be mitigated if the ice one is riding on is simply that thick. Even then, one has to ask how long that’s going to be a factor if one continues to ride.

Apparently this problem was solved by placing small metal plates on each of the spikes, which allowed the blades to keep the traction but kept them from destroying the ice so efficiently. In effect what this did was keep the grip without digging into the surface below, which was a pretty good idea to be certain since it does keep one from going for a very icy swim. It might not be enough to satisfy some folks when being dared to give it a go, but for all intents and purposes, it does look as though the modifications worked and the bike is now more than something that might be featured in a horror movie one day. Think of it, some bike-themed horror movie in which someone goes around dicing up people by flying off of jumps and cutting through folks as they run them down, literally. That’s kind of macabre, but it’s bound to give people ideas since the contraption is pretty cool-looking and it does have the ability to inspire a story or two.

This is definitely one of the more interesting inventions that’s come along in a while, but it would be kind of fun to learn what other terrain it might be good on since if it’s only good for ice then it’s a bit limited despite being this cool. One has to think what kind of terrain a giant circular saw blade could possibly work on though since asphalt is definitely out as it would no doubt damage the road after a while and offer a rather rough ride. Anything too soft wouldn’t work since the bike would just sink, while anything too hard would wreck the blades after a while. It’s a great idea and it’s something to take note of, but until it can become useful in other ways it might actually be a momentary amusement and nothing more. But there has to be something else it can be used for.

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