Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Gag Reel is Worth a Look

Almost every movie has bloopers of some sort, but there are some that are just downright funny. With its already comical lean the Guardian’s of the Galaxy vol. 2 blooper reel was bound to be a riot as a matter of basic principle. Half the cast is known for being funny when they want to be and the others are able to follow suit pretty easily. So it stands to reason that aside from having to do takes over and over they probably had a lot of fun with this film.

Chris Pratt, aka Star Lord, was always bound to be one of the funniest guys on set, but with the addition of Kurt Russell it was bound to be a nonstop laugh riot. Of course it would be nice if Russell could get the difference between Star LORD and Star WARS. Maybe it’s been too long since he was a part of the scifi scene, or the comedy scene, but I doubt it. Actors make mistakes and at least they sometimes make straight up funny mistakes that you can laugh at without judgment.

Plus laughter tends to break up whatever tension might be on the set. Look at this way, actors are constantly trying to remember their lines and are often flubbing them because a random thought goes through their head or because a million other factors that could affect their performance occur in that moment. It happens. Every one of us has forgotten what we’re doing at one point or another in our lives because of something else or because our brains just short-circuited for a moment, right?

Actor’s aren’t a lot different in that regard. But when they flub on screen it can be extremely funny.

So Stallone still has a speech impediment? I thought he had that all hammered out. At least it was funny to hear over, and over, and over. And then of course the infamous “I’m Mary Poppins y’all!” from Yondu is just flat out awesome. The fact that Kurt Russell almost gets brained with a flying camera is kind of funny but at least it stopped at the right moment.

With as much hilarity as was packed into this movie it’s very easy to see how they would have flubbed so many lines and had this much fun making it. The makeup process, hitting their marks each time, and making the story come to life had to have been hard but it looks as though they were at least getting into it. It’s too often that you see actors getting too serious over roles that they should be having fun with, even though the process of getting ready has to be kind of a pain. I can’t imagine how long it takes them to do Drax or Gamorra, let alone Nebula. Yondu’s makeup might be a little easier I would imagine but it still has to be spot on.

Star Lord has it so easy really, all he has to do is look good and wear a leather jacket.


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