10 Things You Didn’t Know about Grant Cardone

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Grant Cardone

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Grant Cardone

Everyone knows Grant Cardone, even if you don’t know him. He’s the man behind the book “If You’re Not First, You’re Last,” as well as “The 10X Rule,” and more. He’s a motivational speaker. He’s a man who believes everyone can do anything that they put their mind to, and he’s the man who is about to star in the new season of “Undercover Billionaire,” on television. He’s going to bet he can take what amounts to essentially no money, 90 days, and basically nothing else and turn it into a thriving and successful business worth another million. Can he do it? Well, we might need to know more about him first.

1. He Lost His Dad Young

Nothing breaks the heart of a person more than finding out that a child lost a parent. No child should ever have to grow up in a world without a parent, but Grant Cardone had to do just that. His father died when he was only 10-years-old, and he spent the rest of his life without a strong male role model to help teach him the many things he needed to know.

2. He Was an Addict

Addiction is dangerous. Once you become an addict, you are an addict for life. The difference is that many people choose to become a recovering addict, which leaves them in a far better situation in life. He was addicted to drugs in his younger years. He lost his father. He didn’t know what to do in life, and he wasn’t sure how to live. He turned to drugs, and they did not do him well.

3. He Got a Job that Helped Him Realize He Could Do Better

Following his success in rehabilitation, he was able to get a job in the sales industry. However, it was not long before he realized that there were a lot of things that could be improved upon, changed, and made better. So, he made them better. He changed things. He fixed things, and he made the world a better place with his own business. He began consulting automobile companies by helping them improve their sales process to become more profitable.

4. Speaking Turned Him Into a Writer

When he realized the success of his business, he began taking on speaking engagements. He was drawing in hundreds of people at a time when he spoke, traveling the world, and helping people make their lives and businesses better than they were. That meant that he was able to focus on things that were important to him, like writing. He was able to become a writer, and that was what launched him into the world of authoring books.

5. He’s Married

Grant Cardone has been married for almost 17 years. He wed his wife, Elena Lyons, back in 2004. His wife is a model. She was one of Maxim’s top models, and she was able to get work as an actor, too. They met, fell in love, bonded over the tragedies they experienced as kids, and they worked to create a dream life.

6. They are Exceptionally Proud to be American

This is one couple very happy to be part of the America that we know and love. Their patriotism is very important to them, and they cannot thank the men and women who have sacrificed so much for this country enough. They are always looking for ways to give back to those who are part of the military or are veterans, and their generosity does not go unnoticed.

7. His First Foray Into Real Estate Was Interesting

Like most people trying something new for the first time, Grant Cardone had no idea what he was doing when he bought a property in Texas for $78,000. He put down $3,500 and thought he was basically stealing the property for that price. When it was all said and done, he had a tough time with his tenants and all the issues, and he ended up stuck with the mortgage payment when they left. He sold the property for more than it was worth, and he ended up doubling the money he put into it. That’s when he realized he could keep doing that.

8. His Parents are His Greatest Mentor

It’s a sweet story, and we love this. He believes his dad set the best example for him as he was growing up, and he never looked back from that point forward. His mother is also his greatest mentor because she literally showed him how to be strong and courageous following the death of his father.

9. He’s Relatively Private

For a man who has so much of his life on the internet and in public, he keeps his home life as private as possible. We never really know what he is up to or what he is doing, and that is not a bad thing. It might not make his fans very happy, but it does make others exceptionally happy.

10. He’s a Proud Dad

Dads love their kids, and they are always proud of them. However, his daughter, Sabrina, got up on stage at one of his events when she was only 10 and spoke straight from her heart. It was a meaningful situation for him as a father to witness, and he was so happy to see her speak with confidence and poise.

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