How Does Graham Norton Get So Much Top Talent on His Talk Show?

How Does Graham Norton Get So Much Top Talent on His Talk Show?

If you watch Graham Norton you’ll know answer to our article title is pretty simple.  They get to have fun. They’re not necessarily there to plug anything and even if the A-listers do manage to work in their new book, their new movie, something, anything, it’s always a good idea to segue into another conversation that might have something to do with it but not enough to really merit continuing the old, boring news that people already know about. Graham Norton has become the hot spot for A-listers simply because his show lets them be loose and more like themselves rather than adhering to what the show really wants out of them.

I mean come on, what fun is that?

Imagine you’re going to a formal outing, you have to be properly dressed, mind your manners, and above all you have to do what people expect of you in polite company. Talking out of turn is not prohibited but it’s likely to be heavily frowned upon. In other words you have to be yourself but also be on your best behavior at every moment.

Now imagine that you can go to a semi-formal outing but you don’t really have to watch what you say so long as you’re not overly confrontational and want to contribute to having a good time while you’re on the set. You get to be yourself and just cut loose so long as you don’t go nuts and ruin it for everyone else, which is fairly easy because everyone’s there to have a good time. Now doesn’t that sound like more fun?

The talk show wars are pretty much over, but the fact still remains that on a lot of them celebrities kind of have to mind their manners and not get too out of control or it’s likely that their career will eventually tank. On the Graham Norton show however people can just be people and have a lot of fun. Some of their conversations sound a little odd and kind of offbeat but the fact remains that on the set everyone seems to get along and just enjoy each other’s company while telling fun, goofy stories.

The chance to just hang out with each other and be regular people wouldn’t be something you would think celebrities would have an issue with, but in truth their lives are constantly under the microscope and are being reviewed and criticized by millions of people all over the world every day. Being able to come onto a talk show like this and just let their belt out a little, metaphorically speaking, must be nice. It gives them a chance to just kick back and really talk with people rather than being stiff, uptight, and forced to talk, dress, and act according to the standards that a network lays down. The freedom of being able to just be themselves has to be something quite nice that isn’t allowed all that often.

Wouldn’t you rather just be who you are rather than who people want you to be?


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