Big Brother 12 Week 3 HOH/Nominations Ceremony Recap

The Houseguests (and my) “worst nightmare” came true Sunday night on Big Brother.

The power has shifted and the hamsters scurried to save their asses, but who came out on top when the reset button was pushed this week?

Picking up where the live show left off Thursday, we returned to our houseguests as they continued their endurance challenge, which consisted of them standing on moving surfboards while torrents of water rained down on them from above their standings. Another thing that the Houseguests ‘fought’ for was the Have/Have Nots competition, which stipulated that the first five people to drop would be the Haves, while the four people to fall before the HOH is crowned will be the Have Nots. Lots at stake here, people. Rachel sat on the sidelines, cheering for Brendon the entire time, unknowingly (?) marking an even elephantine target on their backs. The other most ridiculous thing during this competition the hot pants Andrew wore, which were so ghastly that I am still recovering from shock at the moment. But I digress.

After a long and arduous competition, the listees to drop are as follows: Kathy, Lane, Kristen, Hayden, Britney (Haves), Enzo, Brendon, and Andrew; leaving Ragan and a determined Matt to battle it out in the challenge which went over two hours. It should be noted, though, that Andrew and Ragan made some sort of deal, but since Andrew dropped unintentionally, I don’t know if it will still be in play in the future. Also, Rachel looked as if she was served a death warrant when Brendon fell. He, on the other hand, felt he let his milady down by losing and didn’t get to be the knight in shining armor this week. He seriously said he wanted to be her Knight in Shining Armor, though. Anyway…

In the end, the winner is Matt. Rachel and Brendon both lamented to Big Brother on how their “worst nightmare” has come true and they retreated to lick their wounds. When Brendon caught up with Rachel, she was in their room on her knees looking like a harlot at the alter getting her last rites. After Rachel pretty much says she gives up, Brendon told her that they can’t let this setback affect them and need to try to get on Matt’s good side, which is code for “Let’s go kiss Matt’s ass for this week despite us calling him out, but not getting rid of him like the dumbasses we are.” So Rachel did go speak with Matt, but he told her that it was Rachel and Brendon who went back on the deal, hanging out to dry. Clearly, he didn’t buy the crap that Rachel was selling.

In a filler moment of the night, Enzo and Britney try to correct each other’s vernacular, despite both having Jersey and country accents, respectfully. This clip makes me wonder if much went down after the HOH competition due to Monet’s picture on the wall still being in color, which means that she was still in the house when this speech lesson was given. Moving on!

We get to see Matt’s HOH room, which includes a letter from his wife. The letter talks about how she is dealing with his absence, but the Houseguests think it talks about her dealing with that disease Matt came up with. It even fools Andrew, who apologizes to Big Brother for doubting Matt’s story. I can’t with this guy.

After the HOH room reveal, the Brigade convened up Matt’s room and started scheming on targeting Rachel and Brendon for eviction. Enzo brought up the “house meeting” as a means for Matt to go DEFCON 1 on Brachel, but Matt told Big Brother that he wants Kathy out since she gave her vote to Monet and not him. (I think that’s a dumb move, which could cause early friction in this little alliance, and I also feel that this shows that Matt intends to play the three muscle heads’ strings like a concert cellist and he intends to do it soon.) Meanwhile, Hayden left the HOH room to get in some nookie time with Kristen. He told her that they got to be careful not to get caught and she answered that she’ll do whatever it is in her power to keep them safe. What neither one of them knew was that the other members of the Brigade were discussing their relationship and what said relationship entailed. Lane’s explanation? Kristen and Hayden are the two life-long friends the Saboteur warned them about, but he took it farther than that and announced that he thinks they are kin. Right… I’m so not going to touch that one. The bottom line is that the Brigade is on to Hayden, and I see the seeds of dissension among the Brigade already forming.

More filler with Andrew seemingly interrupting Brendon and Rachel’s alone time, but as much as Andrew icks me, I can’t side with Brachel on this one due to them slobbering on each other every five minutes, which means that someone is bound to walk in on them at any moment. Don’t believe me? Then you should ask Lane and Britney, who sat and made fun of Brachel as they worked out. They don’t have to be in bed, their love is everywhere and gagging the other Houseguest in the process. By the way, has Britney found another “whine partner” in Lane? If so, then that could be hilarious…

The Have Nots’ food was delivered and America them baby food and bok choy. Wow, we are a mean ass nation! Anyway, Andrew was happy as hell and I am leaving it there.

Matt talked with Brendon and Rachel about putting them up. The meeting was like Matt was acting Principal of the Big Brother house as he told the two of them that he will not put them up. BUT! He called Andrew into the room immediately afterwards and talked the ‘house dupe’ in being a pawn for a big backdoor opportunity. Wha…? Is he still mad about Kathy’s vote?

At the nomination ceremony, the picks went in this order: Ragan, Kristen, Hayden, Enzo, Lane, Britney, RACHEL, and BRENDON!!!!! So yes, he is still pissed about Kathy and is using Andrew as his pawn… Or is he? Kathy was confused, Andrew was pissed, Enzo was more pissed, and Brachel acted as if they had just saved the world with their little kiss of victory. I’m serious, it was right out of the end of an action film. Another week of Big Brother ends and another layer has unfolded. Was Matt right? Or did he lose his ever loving mind?

So fiends, what are your suggestions, frustrations, or ways YOU would play the Game of BIG BROTHER?!?

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