5 Mind Boggling Questions From the Manifest Pilot

Manifest Pilot

If The 4400 and Lost had a love child, Manifest would be that child. The pilot opened up with a mystery that is bound to take at least the season, possibly more, to figure out. So many questions, so little answers.

A good TV pilot leaves you wanting more, and that’s exactly what Manifest did. The show is enticing and intriguing. You want to know what is happening. A lot is being thrown into the hour. A lot is setting up stage for what’s to come no doubt. They wanted to capture their audience. They did that.

This show mixes the best of Lost and The 4400 and gives it it’s own spin. They have a (potential) supernatural element; the impossible has been made possible. The characters don’t know what’s happening and neither does the audience. By the end of the hour you’re left with more questions than you started off with.

  1. Where did the plane go during the 5 years?

    It’s clear that the plane did not land anywhere, they were in the air during the expanse of the 5 years but the turbulence was bizarre. That wasn’t usual turbulence — at least you would hope not. So did they go through some sort of black hole situation? Was there a time loop that they crossed into that sped up time for them and allowed them to feel as though they were in the air for 3 hours while the folks back on ground went through 5 and a half years? No one knows. Will they reveal the reasoning behind this, this season? That will probably depend on if Manifest get’s a renewal. Keeping this question a mystery, can easily allow them to go for a few seasons.

  2. Why are they all hearing things? What happened to the passengers on that plane?

    Not only are they living, breathing miracles, they have these supernatural abilities that no one understands. How did this happen? Did the weird turbulence/time warp give them all these psychic abilities to know when someone needs saving? Shaanvi verbalized that maybe she came back to save Cal — who would have died had this phenomenon not occurred. Are they the Chosen? Are they here to save others? Why were they chosen among everyone else?

  3. What’s the significance behind 828?

    The flight is numbered 828. The building that they need to “set them free” from is #828. The biblical saying Michaela’s mother always told her is number 8.28. This number system is very much reminiscent of another similar show and their famous numbers. Yes, I’m referring to the Lost numbers. Although, those are deemed cursed. These numbers seem to be pointing them towards something. Maybe, it was just a one off thing, to connect the dots for Michaela. Maybe the numbers will pop back in. Only time will tell.

  4. Is someone on board really behind this?

    The promo for next week insinuates that the FBI is thinking someone on board caused whatever happened. Everyone on board seems affected by this supernatural phenomena that’s occurring. We haven’t seen the full manifest yet so is there someone who isn’t affected? Did someone orchestrate this event in order to get a second chance, powers, escape whatever they needed to? Good things came out of this. So did some not so good. Regardless, who would have wanted to do this and how did they do it?

  5. How did the plane explode?

    The final scene of the pilot gathers everyone, sans Cal, to the bunker where the plane is kept only to watch it explode. Any evidence that they may find to give some answers as to how this happened, incinerated in front of their eyes. Did someone do this? Did they all do this with their new psychic abilities? What is the plane trying to hide? What exactly happened and why?

There are a lot of questions left unanswered. And given the predecessors who have taken on a pilot of this nature, chances are the answers will not come any time soon. The show is captivating. There is a lot of promise behind it. Lost is still one of the greatest dramas of it’s time.

Will Manifest have a similar feat? It’s debatable. The premise is good, the storyline is good. However, today, there is so much quality TV to choose from. Cable is at it’s prime. Streaming services have taken over. The times are different. Had this premiered ten years ago there would be no doubt that this would a hit. But, it’s television is a hard market and they’re going to have to fight harder to get there.

Manifest airs on Monday nights at 10PM on NBC. 

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