Godzilla vs. Cthulhu: Who Wins?

Godzilla vs. Cthulhu: Who Wins?

Godzilla vs. Cthulhu: Who Wins?

This is a tough fight to call for certain since a lot of people don’t know a lot about Cthulhu since the Lovecraftian creation is a god that’s tough to define given that it has so many different capabilities. But the understanding is that in pop culture, Cthulhu has taken physical form, even if it hasn’t done a lot of fighting. Many people would state that Cthulhu would annihilate an opponent such as Godzilla, no matter that the king of the monsters would be likely to put up a good fight. The trouble with putting a god-like creature up against an actual deity is that the deity has the natural advantage given that it’s able to transcend flesh and bone and do things that not even the most skilled and hardened creature in pop culture can accomplish. Like always, it’s a matter of who’s writing the story that will determine what will happen and why, but many are quick to say that Cthulhu would be victorious since there are too many unknown factors that would come into play when taking on Godzilla. 

For his own part, Godzilla has proven that he can fight in just about any terrain, so any aquatic advantage that Cthulhu might have attained is negated. The level of power is what would separate these two since Cthulhu is more or less a deity that can take flesh and blood form when it wants, or can remain a waking nightmare that many would think of it as. That presents a problem since Godzilla could no doubt take on the avatar of Cthulhu and do some damage, but the deity would likely find another avatar if one ended up being destroyed in a battle. In essence, this means that Godzilla would end up fighting one body after another, perhaps fighting different forms over and over as Cthulhu could possibly possess different forms at the same time. 

It’s hard to say what might happen when there’s not enough known about one of the combatants, but working from the idea of Cthulhu using a physical form, here’s how it could go. Godzilla isn’t as well known for his stealth as he is for his destructive capabilities, and it feels certain that Cthulhu would be seen as a rival kaiju, meaning that his mission would be to seek and destroy the creature without hesitation. One reason why it wouldn’t be quite this easy is that the demonic creature is said to be far bigger than Godzilla, and would be able to stomp the spiked lizard. Not a lot of people are of the mind that Godzilla’s natural weapons would do much of anything to Cthulhu, but that’s kind of a big claim considering that Godzilla’s atomic breath has been hard to resist, let alone beat. But again, that god status is tough to beat, especially when the belief is that a deity can heal, negate damage, and possess ethereal attacks of the sort that would dominate many higher-thinking individuals that rely heavily on sense and order. The thing is while Godzilla’s not stupid, his mind is still far more bestial and relies less on higher thinking than he does on pure aggression and enough cunning to outfox his opponents when the moment is right. 

Godzilla would likely attack with the type of fury that people are used to seeing, but how effective it would be is up for grabs when it comes to the overall description, since Cthulhu, depending on the writer, might shrug it off and rock Godzilla in the next instant, or might not react at all. In a fight, there are many ways to demoralize and confuse an opponent, and one of the best ways to do this is to show that an opponent’s attack hasn’t had the intended effect. Thinking that Godzilla would be demoralized isn’t sensible, but thinking that the big lizard would be confused is very likely since the atomic creature is used to plowing through opponents and causing massive destruction. But against Cthulhu, it feels as though Godzilla would be hard-pressed to do anything lasting without being able to reach the same level that helped him to destroy King Ghidorah not long ago. The kind of radiation that was rolling off of Godzilla at that time would certainly crisp anything made of flesh and blood. 

Unfortunately, it does come down to admitting that without knowing enough about Cthulhu, it’s likely that the dark deity would end up trumping Godzilla unless the big lizard could come up with another new power that might be able to kill a god. It’s never easy to admit that such a powerful creature can be taken down by any means. But the fact is that Godzilla is a flesh and blood creature, and gods tend to be those that are considered to be well beyond the realm of mortals. 

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