Go On ‘Videogame, Set, Match’ Review – I Would Rather Go Play Halo

Go On 108 1Alright, so, if anyone has been reading my Go On reviews (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?), you know that despite my initial enjoyment of the show (I loved the pilot of Go On so much), I’ve found it to be pretty repetitive and not very funny in recent episodes. As much as I would love to say that “Videogame, Set, Match” changed my mind about Go On, it only reaffirmed the fact that this show and I might not be meant for each other. Let me break this down simply into what I liked and did not like during this week’s episode of Go On.

What I enjoyed:

– Everything Steven says or does. Jon Cho has been great all season long on Go On as Ryan’s best friend, and his charisma always brings something extra to the scenes that he’s in. It’s no wonder that he was a part of two of my favorite moments from the episode. Ryan and Steven’s taunting of Owen’s supposed crush on Carrie (when it was actually on Kimmie, the new “hot blonde” at the office) was great, and this exchange between Steven and Carrie (Carrie: “I’m sorry. We’re celebrating the arrival of fake boobs on a stick?” Steven: “Carrie, attacking the surgically enhanced is the last refuge of the bigot.”) had me laughing out loud.

– Danny’s line about not seeing the “crazy” in Yolanda’s eyes anymore, only to turn to Mr. K a moment later and say, “There it is!” Even though I do not love Mr. K as much as other people do, the reactions of the people around him are usually pretty solid.

– I’m really glad that Go On revisited Ryan and Owen’s relationship, as it was one of my favorite parts of the pilot, and it was nice to know that the show not had forgotten about it.

Go On finally has an opening title sequence!

Go On 108 2What I wasn’t a fan of:

– Ryan’s t-shirt gun misfiring when he first meets Kimmie. Erection jokes? Really, Go On? You should be better than that.

– The way that the Ryan and Owen storyline played out. As happy as I was to see these two characters interacting again, the writing for this plot was all over the place. The two of them bond of their love of Halo but Owen’s mom wants him to get out of the house, so Ryan gives Owen a job at the station. There they play more Halo and Owen gets a crush on Kimmie (because, of course, she’s hot! And why would we actually need to see them interact first?), who turns him down when he asks her out. This somehow leads to Ryan and Owen going to visit Owen’s brother in the hospital, but it’s not actually Owen’s brother; he’s just playing a prank on Ryan, which then cheapens one of the episode’s final scenes, where Owen actually does go and see his brother in the hospital. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I do not know how we logically made all these leaps and connections throughout this storyline. I also think that Ryan and Owen pulling pranks about their loved ones (My brother’s in a coma! My wife’s dead! Haha!) is fine, but the Go On writers cannot have cheap jokes like the original fake-out at the hospital, and then expect me to be fully engaged emotionally when they have Owen actually go see his brother for the first time.

– The group coming together for Yolanda in their Alice in Wonderland costumes at the end. I realize Go On is a sitcom and that it’s supposed to be have some type of resolution by the end of each half hour, but it almost never feels earned, especially this week. Why does the group care so much about Yolanda, who has been the butt of many jokes and rude comments this season? She’s a character who we’ve never really seen connect with other people in the group. She’s just kind of there, and I do not buy for a second that all the characters would come to her house on Halloween dressed like that.

– It bears repeating: Go On needs to be funnier. When a sitcom only makes you laugh once during an episode and you’re barely smiling for the rest of the time, that’s a problem. Compared to its Tuesday night competitors (the always fantastic New Girl, which I also review, and the pretty solid Happy Endings), Go On is easily the least funny show of the night, and if it doesn’t change some things up, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be reviewing it or even watching it. Halo 4 seems like a much better option.


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