Why You Should Give “Waypoint Presents” a Try

Why You Should Give “Waypoint Presents” a Try

Why You Should Give “Waypoint Presents” a Try

Disney XD delivers a new show that is certain to delight gamers. “Waypoint Presents” made it’s premiere on Disney XD on August 16, 2017. For those of you who haven’t yet tuned in, you’re missing out on a lot of cool information and facts. There are quite a few good reasons why you should at least give it a try to see what you think. Here are the reasons why we think it’s so good.

It’s exciting and different, but it’s all gaming

Video games bring people from all walks of life together, because it’s something that they have in common, even if they are very different people. What is so amazing about “Waypoint Presents” is that it is a documentary series that gives viewers full coverage on a variety of different topics, all related to gaming. Perhaps you have some questions that you’d like answered, or you’d just like more information on a topic. You’re likely to find what you’re looking for in an episode of the series.

Game coverage

The premiere gave us an example of the kind of game coverage they have planned. This episode featured two popular games. They shared the story of SuperHyperCube. Not everyone who plays the game knew that it took ten years to create the virtual reality game, after the idea was first conceived. Did you know that Hyper Light Drifter offers a metaphor for the chronic medical condition that the creator must live with?These were the first two games that were discussed in some great detail, including trivia about their backstories.

The creators

The show goes behind the scenes and investigates the stories told from game creator’s point of view. Alex Preston and Heart Machine were interviewed the day before Hyper Light Drifter launched. It’s always good to hear from the masterminds behind our favorite games. It sheds light on the intent of the game and may even increase our understanding of what we’re playing and give us a few helpful clues.

Gaming communities

Have you ever wondered why people play video games? Most of us are aware of the existing eSports rivalries, but few truly know much about the stories behind them or about the secrets involved in game development. As much as the rivalries exist, communities are also highly supportive on each other. The show takes a look at fandoms within communities and other forms of expression that people within the group put together. There does seem to be a kinship amongst gamers, particularly for members of their own groups.


One of the latest technologies is virtual reality and this is another topic that was delved into, particularly through the discussions about SuperHyperCube. If you want to learn more about the evolution and projections about the various technologies employed in game development, then this will be the place that you’ll find it. These are just a few of the reasons why you should probably tune in to “Waypoint Presents” and give it a try. If you missed the premiere, it’s not too late to tune in and catch it on our local cable provider on Disney XD.

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