Ghost Adventures Season 14 Premiere: Stone Lion Inn

The season 14 premiere of Ghost Adventures will air this evening on The Travel Channel.    Zak Begans takes us just north of Oklahoma City to a city called Guthrie.  Zak begins the segment by sitting down in one of main rooms at the Stone Lion Inn.   The Stone Lion Inn is an awesome, old, classic haunted mansion that was built in 1907 by the Houghton Family. It is considered to be one of the most sought after haunted places as far as destinations for those that seek to experience real ghosts and spectacular paranormal activity. The lavish Victorian structure stands on a piece of luxurious property and has been thoroughly restored in an effort to recapture the innovative style and appearance that it had in the early years of its life.  According to “Haunted Places

  • The spectacular hauntings of The Stone Lion Inn is one of the most appealing aspects to this particular structure. This mansion once served as a funeral home. This occurred in the 1920’s. Originally, the structure was constructed to serve as a home for Mr. Houghton and his relatively large family. While it did, in fact, offer adequate room for his family, tragedy struck the family soon after construction. One of his daughters developed what is referred to as “whooping cough”. While the nurses, doctors, and family members worked diligently to help the young girl recover, she was issued the wrong type of medication and soon thereafter, she died.

    In the mid to late eighties, the home was purchased by a new owner. Her name was Becky Luker. While excited about her recent purchase, she was quite anxious to begin renovations to the mansion. Naturally, renovations often “awaken” the spirits. As you may imagine, this happened at The Stone Lion Inn. The following details some of the haunting experiences that this owner and others experienced:

    The sound of what resembled that of someone walking would be experienced in the early mornings on the staircase in the back.
  • A number of odd and unusual sounds were experienced on a regular basis.
  • A great many doors seemed to open at random, but the fear intensified when they would also shut by themselves.
  • The owner’s son would put away his toys as expected each night, and in the morning, the toys were scattered around.

Once guests began to enter in The Stone Lion Inn, stories began to develop regarding several haunting type experiences, which include:

  • The visual appearance of a child and/or children playing in the rooms and jumping on the beds — even when no “live” children were in The Stone Lion Inn.
  • Items being moved that the guests leave in the room has been experienced.
  • Many claim that they have been “tucked” in bed while staying at The Stone Lion Inn when there was no one there at all.

Here’s a preview and a few teasers for the episode. As you’ll be able to see below, some of the figures at the Stone Lion Inn do not like it when you mess with their personal space.

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