General Hospital Spoilers: Will Alexis and Julian Make the Worst Possible Decision Out of Desperation?


General Hospital is bringing the drama before a long holiday weekend, ensuring that all the fans of the show will be dying of suspense a the Fourth of July comes and goes and the next brand new episode on Tuesday finally airs. I know I’ll be enjoying the beach, the pool and all the fun in the sun you can possibly imagine for three solid days — but we will be back with the newest spoilers next week. Right now we know that Sonny and Anna are working with Alexis to get Julian to confess to murder so that she can clear her name. Will she be able to convince him to confess or will he continue to betray everyone in his life with his bad attitude and his ‘me me me’ personality?

Alexis is going to reach out to him on Friday, and she’s going to do whatever it takes to get him to confess. Their relationship is more than a little strained at the moment what with him allowing her to take the downfall and be arrested for a murder he committed, but we wonder if she will not be able to bring him to his senses. She’s desperate, and it looks like these two might make a decision that will affect not just right now, but the rest of their lives together. Will they run away together so that he doesn’t have to confess? Or will she make him take responsibility for the murder?

Liz is about to see that life is not always what it seems when she runs into Dr. Mayes. The encounter, unlike your typical encounter when you run into someone you know, is not normal. It’s not quite right, and she’s not entirely sure what to think. She does not know if there is anything going on she should know about, but she begins to worry that there might be more to this and everything else than she knows. Will she be able to get to the bottom of things, or will she find herself losing patience and tolerance for the doctor’s behavior?

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