General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Suspects Something is Up

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Suspects Something is Up

General Hospital fans did begin this week with a lot going on. Nelle came in with a big announcement, and we know that she’s going to do what she can to make things work for her. She’s got so much riding on all of this, and she’s not going to lose. We don’t always know that her plan will work, but we do know that she’s been someone who has had some big issues in her life that have been awful. She’s been able to do things that make the world seem dark and dismal, and she’s been able to focus on things that are good for her while also adapting when things are not good for her. She’s not sure how to focus on anything other than herself, and that is something that works for her. Her announcement is shocking everyone around her, and that is just what she hoped it would do. Throw them all off their game.

Molly is feeling much better about life right now, and we cannot help but wonder what that means for her and for her family? What does this mean for her life? What does this all mean for what is going on right now? She’s happier than she’s been, but for how much longer? No one in Port Charles is ever happy for a long period of time, and we know that this is just how things go. She’s someone who doesn’t know better, but she just might before much longer. Meanwhile, we all know that Sonny is all over the place. He’s got everything going on at one time, and he’s not able to be everywhere at one time. He’s getting a warning from Jordan, and she didn’t love the fact that she had to even go to him with this.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

Such good stuff.

What’s Next on General Hospital

Sonny is a man who is naturally suspicious. He is never sure that anything is what it is, and that is a trait that has gotten him far in his life of crime. But, right now, he’s not feeling that things are what they seem, and that means he has just one more thing to add to his growing list of things that are not going to work out for him if he does not allow it. He’s not sure how to go about handling it right now, but we suspect that he will find a way to get what he needs from this. Liz is a woman who is never going to lie to Jason, and she’s currently being very honest with him. She has a few things to share, and she’s not holding anything back. Our only thought on this one, though, is whether he is prepared for this and how it will make him feel. Will he retaliate with his own things to say?

Diane is doing all she can to make sure that Michael wins, but she has to meet with his mother. She will schedule a meeting with Carly to discuss things, to see how they are going, and to figure out what to get her to say that will not make this worse for her son. We don’t know what might happen here, but we do know that there is not much else we can do but sit back and watch. It’s going to be difficult in the moment, but we feel that we can handle this with her over time.

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