General Hospital Spoilers: Could Sam Go Back to Jason?

General Hospital fans would not be at all surprised to see Sam decide to go back to the man she fell in love with, who just so happens to be her husband. She’s decided to stay with Drew since learning that he is not Jason, but she’s going to run into Jason today. She will tell him that she’s happy to see him, they will chat a bit, and it will be nothing short of a totally awkward situation when they run into one another at the pier. This is not going to be the type of situation they can handle well, and it might just prove they have more to deal with than they previously imagined.

She thought she made the right choice. She’s been with Drew for years thinking he was Jason. What happened to him is certainly not his own fault, and she’s not just abandoning the man she’s loved for years. Yet here she is wondering if she’s made the right choice when she runs into the man she was originally in love with so many years ago.

They have a long past, a long history, and she has feelings for him. It is not an easy situation for her, but she has to face it at some point. She might realize that this is something that will happen more than she thought, and she has to find a way to deal with her feelings and how she’s reacting to everything in her life. Can she do it?

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