General Hospital Spoilers: Jake’s Problems are Not Over

General Hospital Spoilers: Jake’s Problems are Not Over

General Hospital fans aren’t too worried about Jake at the moment, but we need to be. The boy is going to find a photo at Franco’s and he’s going to ask about it. We don’t know much about it right now, but we know the photo is going to be something very serious. It’s going to pique the child’s interest and make him want to know more about it. Will Franco have some answers for him? Will it seem to make the boy happy or will it confuse or upset him? Just when we all thought things were calming own for him, they seem to be taking a bigger toll.

The other issue we face is that Jason is incapacitated at the moment. He’s incapable of being sure his son is safe and he has no way of knowing what’s going on right now. We know that he doesn’t like Franco or really want him near his son, but we also know that there is a good chance these two are going to find some more issues to get through in the future.

At the moment, however, we are focused on Jake. What does he see in one of Franco’s photos? What does this mean for his future, and what does this mean for the entire storyline that Jake has been involved in? It’s not over, is it? We figured it wasn’t since we didn’t get the answers we wanted before, but you never know with this cast of characters.

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