General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Shares His Secrets

general hospital clip

Wednesday on an all-new General Hospital, it appears that people are reaching their point of no return and some people are looking to find a listening ear. Will that become an issue? You never know with anyone in Port Charles, and it seems to us that the best way to keep anyone from finding something out is to keep your mouth shut. Unfortunately, it does not appear that Franco has gotten that memo as of just yet. He is going through some emotional trauma and he cannot seem to stop talking about it. He needs someone to talk to, and he finds that person on Wednesday. Unfortunately, we are not entirely certain that the person he finds to lean on is the kind of person he needs to lean on. Will he be able to trust this person, or will his personal business become the kind of business that everyone is going to find out before too long? You never know when someone around here might use something against you, and that’s a tough lesson to learn.
In the meantime, however, we are going to see things get very tense between Jason and Liz. Well, we know it’s already been quite tense between the two, but Jason is about to demand that Liz do a few things she might not want to do. Will she do them, or will she risk the wrath that is Jason and all he has to do? We aren’t entirely certain that he will get his way with her, but we know that he will find a way to make her suffer if she does not do what she is asked. Finally, we know that Anna has been at her wit’s end, and she seems to have finally reached the point of no return. She’s going to snap, and it’s not going to be pretty. It only means one thing for the people in her life; and it’s not good. Anna has had it, and she’s at that point that she no longer cares who she hurts, what she says or how it affects anyone so long as she is able to finally get rid of her troubles.

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