General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Has to Make A Tough Decision

General Hospital fans are going to have the shock of a lifetime when they find out that there is a chance Carly will have to make a decision she doesn’t want to make. She’s got the option to help throw a baby shower for Nelle. She does not want to do this, but she will suck it up and do it regardless in the coming weeks. She will not like a second of it, and she still hates that her grandchild is being born to this awful woman. She’s not happy that Michael is in this situation or that this woman will raise her own grandchildren, but she hasn’t a choice in this matter.

She will do it because she wants to have this baby in her life. When she is offered a chance to co-host the shower with someone else, she will grudgingly accept. We don’t know if this is because she’s trying to look good in front of people or if she is doing it so she can prove she’s really not going to continue to allow this forever. She might be willing to put things in the past and put them behind her so she can move on.

This situation is making things difficult for her, and she’s learning a lot about what is going on with Morgan. She’s learning that life is short, and we think this might be her way of saying that she is ready to change the way things are going. And this might be her olive branch. Nelle, of course, won’t let it go. She won’t allow this to make her happy and make her feel good.

And that’s not good at all. She’s got a lot on her mind, and she’s not letting it go. She will continue to try and make Carly furious and hurt her. She hates her. And she is not willing to give her any chance at all. She wants to see this woman totally miserable, and she will do anything she can to make that happen. And that’s going to make this baby shower very interesting.

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