General Hospital Spoilers: Anna and Valentin’s Past Secrets Revealed

General Hospital spoilers might finally bring some answers about what’s going on with Anna and Valentin. We are going to find out that things aren’t exactly as Anna seems. She’s been so sure he is a bad guy who did something terrible, but she’s going to learn that it was her that did all the bad stuff. She was the villain. Valentin does seem a bit obsessed with Anna, and we cannot figure out why. He seems to have a mixed feeling about her, partial admiration and fondness and partial hatred. Where did this come from, and what happened between them so long ago?

It turns out that they trained together, and he had feelings for her. She decided he was not worthy of her time, and she rejected him. When he was younger, he was not an attractive man. He was ugly, shy, and he didn’t seem to have anything good going for him. She was beautiful and smart, talented, and she was everything. She was cruel to him. So, what she did was bad. She was a double agent crossing her team, so she decided to seduce Valentin and make him do things for her without him even knowing about it. She turned him into a double agent without him realizing it, and it was a terrible situation all the way around.

When it came down to it, she made the decision to make him go down for her crimes. She set him up as the guy doing all the dirty work and left herself to seem innocent. He had no idea what was going on during this time, and he was blindsided. Now it seems that Dr. O has the file that has all this information in it, and she’s going to use it to make sure everyone knows what kind of person Anna really is when she’s not looking. It’s going to be a very ugly situation, and we have to wonder where Valentin stands on this entire situation. Does he still have feelings for her, or does he have a quest to seek revenge on her?

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