General Hospital Spoilers: Amy Is Going to Break Down

General Hospital Spoilers: Amy Is Going to Break Down

General Hospital fans might not understand all that’s going on, but that doesn’t mean we don’t entirely love every second of this show lately. We hear that there is a good chance that Amy is going to lose her mind. She’s been a bit of a wild card since she turned up on the show accusing Maxie of being a bully and working to get Maxie’s husband on her side. She and Nathan worked really hard on their secret, the entire Man Landers thing, and Maxie blew it up for them. Then Amy decided she was going to befriend the woman she just hated more than anything, we are more than a little confused.

We think there is a great chance she’s been using Maxie and their newfound friendship to get what she wants, which is revenge. She’s already managed to make sure that Nathan and Maxie’s marriage was in question. They’re no longer happy or able to have a good marriage, and that’s working well for Amy. But now we hear that she’s going to lose it.

Things are not going her way, and she might just make a scene that she can’t exactly come back from. It’s not easy to redeem yourself when you have a complete meltdown, but it’s going to happen. And she’s not going to find that many people are sympathetic toward her after all she feels she’s done for them. This might be the defining moment of her role on this show, and the end.

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