General Hospital Spoilers: Sam is Working to Keep Things Going

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam is Working to Keep Things Going

General Hospital fans know when Nelle is working her magic to get what she wants, and this week has been no different. She’s turned on her charm like it’s her job. She got her proposal, her plan is working, and she’s feeling confident in her life. She’s forgotten, however, that she can’t have it all and still get out of this without some sort of scarring. She’s made it her mission in life right now to be as charming as possible, and we’ve been watching her do this with serious abandon. She’s made it her mission to make sure Michael is so happy with her that she’ll never lose him. She wants him to be sure that she’s sweet, and wonderful, and kind, and loving, and that she will make a wonderful mother to their unborn baby. And we’ve all been watching her with a little bit of sickness in our mouths.

And we’ve also watched as Sonny and Jason have come to the realization that Nelle has messed up — and she doesn’t know it. She’s been so busy basking in all the good things in her life she’s been making mistakes — and she’s not aware of them. This means they have some power, and they have something to work with. This means they might be able to get her to fall of her high horse and back down to where she needs to be. It might hurt Michael, but Sonny can’t worry about that. He brought the news to his wife, and things are working well for her. She’s shown us she is feeling more confident, and we like to hear that. She’s got a lot of stuff on her own mind, and she’s going to have a lot to handle, but we’re watching her handle it quite well considering where she is and what is going on in her life at the moment.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

You can always count on Frank Valentini to make sure there are plenty of fireworks going on with everyone on the show, and to keep us up to date on what is happening in terms of everyone else. But he’s telling us there are some serious fireworks going on right now, and we totally believe him. He loves to share this kind of stuff with us on Twitter, and it’s not changing just because there is a holiday at hand. He has plenty to say, and we are all on board with that. Bring it on, friends!

What’s Next on General Hospital

The Fourth is here, and that means things are going down with an array of fireworks, and we don’t mean just the celebrations going on right now. The show is going to be nothing more than a pre-empted episode of what happened when it was all about Ava, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Tomorrow the show will be back with a vengeance, and we will all see the many wonderful, beautiful things that are going down to hurt everyone else. It’s going to be rather amazing when it does come back.

We think we can expect to see a lot happen, too. We think we will see more of Carly, more of Jason and Sam, and we will see Sonny weigh his options. Chase is upset after he came clean, Nelle is still working her magic, and Michael is going to have a lot to handle. He’s doing what he feels to be right, and right now he’s feeling that Nelle has been honest with him. He knows, deep down, she’s nothing more than a dirty liar and a cheat, but she also knows that he will do anything for that baby. We can expect to see a bit of him feeling uncomfortable and upset about things we don’t think he can handle, and that’s just how it’s going to be right now. But things will turn around for him. They always do. His father and mother will make sure of it. They always do.

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