General Hospital Spoilers: Alex Will Be Found Out

General Hospital Spoilers: Alex Will Be Found Out

General Hospital Spoilers: Alex Will Be Found Out

General Hospital spoilers finally confirm what we’ve been suspecting all along; Anna is really Alex. What we don’t know, though, is whether these twins are working together or if they are not. If Alex needs to do something, she’s not above taking her own twin hostage to get it done. After all, she had no idea that Anna had cancer and needed treatment — which tells us she might have her sister hostage rather than working with her. Wouldn’t Anna mention her cancer if she were working alongside her sister to get the Chimera information she needs from Valentin?

We hear that Robin might be making a sudden appearance this month, and that she might be the one to notice that her mother seems a bit different. Can she do what we all need someone to do and realize it’s her dirty aunt playing her mom? Griffin and Andre are already worried about Anna. She’s been on a trip, and she hasn’t been back to the doctor at all since she returned. They are worried she’s not taking care of herself, and they want to know why she’s putting her health on the line right now. Can they get her to change her mind about her life, or will they be able to figure it out on their own?

Perhaps it will be Robin who spends a little time convincing them there is something else going on. We don’t know what might happen to these people right now, but we have a feeling that Alex won’t let anyone get in her way of getting what she needs from Valentin, even though he seems to be trying to resist her to the best of his abilities. Can he do it? Will she get what she wants? Will there be more trouble than there was in the past?

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