General Hospital: Michael Has to Find An Out

General Hospital: Michael Has to Find An Out

General Hospital: Michael Has to Find An Out

General Hospital fans know Michael is caught between a rock and a hard place. He likes Nelle and wants to see her get her life in order, but she also wants to see them have a future. But he also knows that his mother hates her, his father hates her, his grandmother hates her, and he has proven that she’s a liar and a thief, and someone who isn’t particularly trustworthy. Now that he’s got friends and family worried enough about him to go out and find other answers to what she’s been up to in her past, he’s getting a little paranoid.

What is he worried about? Is he worried that he is involved with someone who might hurt him or his family, or is he paranoid because he wants to love her back and just can’t get his family’s feelings out of his mind? We don’t know, but we know that he’s growing a little bit more paranoid by the day.

He wants to trust Nelle, but she makes it hard on him. And he feels that he is walking around on eggshells around her so as not to rock the boat, the same with his mother, and the same with everyone else he knows. He’s probably at the point where things have to go one way or the other, but he has no idea which way to go at this point. And we can’t help but feel there is nothing he can do to change this right now.

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