General Hospital: Oscar Gets Cold Feet

General Hospital fans are going to see that Oscar has a chance to learn about his father, but he’s going to be too scared to do it. He’s not happy with the way his life is going, and he’s finally going to have a moment in which he can find the truth about his life. But we don’t think he will do it. We do not think he has it in him to find out what is going on. He has the answers, but he won’t read them. Will he turn to his friends to get their opinion? Or will he ask his mother?

We don’t think he will go to Kim. She’s so against him finding out what is going on based on her own feelings. She’s so upset and scared of what is going on, and she seems to have no idea what is the answer to this problem. Do you think she’s upset because this whole situation might have her son looking at her with a different set of eyes?

After all, who wants to tell their son they have no idea who his father is, and then start offering him a few suggestions of men it might be? It doesn’t paint her in a particularly flattering light, and that’s a problem. They have some serious problems to deal with, and that’s their own issue. But for right now he has the chance and he has cold feet about all of it now.

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