General Hospital: Nina and Maxie Make Up

General Hospital: Nina and Maxie Make Up

General Hospital fans aren’t sure if things will really work out with Nina and Maxie. They’ve never been the best of friends, and their most recent makeup has been one that’s had a lot of interest. Nina is not happy that Maxie has allowed herself to become close to another man so soon after her own husband was killed and it’s not going well for Nina. However, her sister-in-law has this baby to worry about, and Nina wants to be sure she gets to be a part of this baby’s life.

She’s terrified Maxie will shut her out and not allow her to be part of the baby’s life if she’s not in a good place, so Nina will do whatever she can to make sure she and Maxie are friends. We think there is a chance that Maxie is well aware of this, too. She’s working hard to ensure that things go her way, and she can manipulate Nina with this baby that is part of her own blood.

We think that’s terrible and we hope that Maxie doesn’t do that, but we aren’t sure she won’t if she is in need of something and no one will give it to her. It might be an ugly situation for everyone if she cannot get her life together and figure things out for herself. Will their makeup last longer than it does most of the time? We aren’t sure, but we think that they have their issues and will not work through them.

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