General Hospital: Nikolas’ Most Important Relationships

General Hospital fans know that there is not much that will stop Nikolas from doing what he needs to do now that he is home and living his life again — even if not everyone is aware of what is going on and how he is living his life. He’s been through hell and back more than once in his life, and he’s changed a bit each time he’s had to deal with things that were not part of the life he thought he might live. He’s been through so much, and he’s so young to have been through all of it. As a result, he’s grown into a man who is almost nothing like the young man he was growing up. We think that some of the women he’s been with have been a very big influence on him over time, but that doesn’t mean too much if you don’t know his history.


She might be the true love of his life, but that doesn’t mean much else to anyone now that she is gone. She’s a woman who was just good in her heart, and she brough out so many good things in him. Their relationship was far from perfect when they were both scared of what it might mean to them and how it might look to them in their days of need, but they were able to focus on things like being together and loving one another as he supported her through her bout with cancer at such a young age. But, that’s not all. There’s nothing that he could have done about all the things that happened to them, but he’s never forgotten the horrible way in which he lost her, and that’s changed his perspective on life.


She was a casual fling turned pregnant partner who didn’t know who the father of her baby was. Jax was her husband at the time, and he did all he could to make it seem like the son she gave birth to was his — even messing with the paternity test so that it appeared to be the truth. She was a woman who did not live very long after giving birth, and the truth eventually came out. That lie and that omission and that problem that she caused him was too much for him to bear, and he had to deal with the knowledge he had a son who was being raised by another man with much guilt and anticipation. He was struggling hardcore at the thought of this, and we think that he only had to focus on one day at a time.


He never loved Liz. He loved her as a sister, as his own brother was with her. She was the love of Lucky’s life, and he was the love of her life. We still maintain to this day that they are one another’s one true love even though he is no longer here and they did not work out enough to make him want to stay in town. There is so much history there, including that one time when she had an affair with Nik because she wasn’t able to handle all that was going on in her life outside of him and what that mean for her. She was a mess, and we know that she will forever suffer for that. She is a young woman who is not going to be able to focus on anything other than what her life is like with him, and he suffered as a result of her choices.

Being with Liz was one of the most impactful choices he ever made. It ruined so much of his life. It ruined their friendship. It ruined Lucky’s entire life. He was never the same after he found out about them, and things never worked for any of them again. He washed his hands of her, and he washed his hands of his brother, and that is the moment that we think Nikolas Cassadine made the decision to never allow anyone into his life like that again. They were so close, and this quick affair ruined it all for all of them in every happy manner.

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