General Hospital: Franco’s Stuck Between Evils

General Hospital fans know that Franco is not making the best decisions in his life. He has choices to make, and he’s not faced with anything good. He is going to continue to spiral out of control, too. Despite the fact that we hear good things are probably headed his way in life, he’s not going to change right away. He’s got to face these two evils in his life and figure out what he wants from them. Do we think that he regrets a lot of his recent behavior and the decisions he’s been making lately? We do think that, but we also think that he can’t change who he is as a person.

And that’s never good. And we also know that there is a good chance that one of them is going to make a mistake they cannot change — yes, we are talking about the evils in his life. We know he will find himself in a better situation sooner rather than later, but we don’t know how much more he can take.

We also don’t know how much more his family can take. He can’t just let these two things take control of him as he has. He’s been in a bad place before, but he’s in one so bad right now that we can’t even function without wondering if there’s more to this than we know. He’s such a strong man, but he’s caved a lot lately — and we suspect this evil won’t go away soon.

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