General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Asks Nina for a Favor

General Hospital fans know that Martin and Nelle just met up, and we don’t believe anything she said to him. We think that everything she says is a half-truth. We know she means nothing she says and nothing is good enough for her, and nothing is going to work for her in any way other than to make things seem worse than they are. She’s probably given him a small dose of what she actually means somewhere inside of her words, but we don’t anticipate that she really does mean anything and everything she says she means. She’s a liar, and that makes her very dangerous. She’s got a lot on her mind and in her world, and everything she says and does is a problem for everyone in her life. Will she be honest with anyone in the future, or will she continue to give small truths and mostly big lies to get her way?

Nina and Carly are going to continue this argument for a while. They are not going to get over this and move on from things as they are. Not with the question in the air as to whether Nelle could really be the baby that Nina lost so many years ago. Carly feels that Nina’s sudden interest in her is going to be a problem for her son, and that’s just how it is. These two are both strong and beautiful women with big personalities, and neither of them is willing to back down for even a moment to keep this situation under control. It is not how they work, how they roll, or what either of them stands for. They are too much into what is going on otherwise, and they will not handle this well at all. Add Alexis and her coming clean to the mix, and we think there are big issues ahead.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

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What’s Next on General Hospital

Nelle is using everything she can to get everything she wants, including the newfound friendship she has with her maybe-mom, Nina. She’s asking her for a favor — and we do not think Carly will take well to hearing this one at all — and she will probably grant her the favor she’s asking for. Nina is in a situation where she’s got to be very careful of the many things going on in the lives of both herself and Nelle if she has any hope of getting to know her and getting to be part of her life. Brook Lynn is doing a few things that aren’t good news, but what else is new for her? She’s a hot mess if ever there was a hot mess in Port Charles. She’s got a new situation that is getting her into trouble, and we cannot say we are shocked by this.

Michael and Willow are both in a place where their feelings are hurt. They are both feeling vulnerable and upset by things that have happened to them in their lives, and we think that they are both beginning to recognize that they have to put things aside and work through it. They are going to do that today, and we do think that it’s going to be the best for them in the current situation going on. They have to do something to figure things out in their lives, but can they really do this or are they both to stubbornly hurt by things?

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