General Hospital Best Female Character Transformations

General Hospital Best Female Character Transformations

General Hospital Best Female Character Transformations

General Hospital fans know that sometimes a good character can go from good to bad or back and forth without much else to go on. They can transform like it’s their job (well, it kind of is their job) and that’s something that they are getting very good at. We want to take a look back at the many decades of General Hospital to take a look at our favorite characters, their biggest changes, and figure out which of the females on the show are the most transformed. Or, we really want to look at the females on the show who have had the biggest and most shockingly amazing transformations over the years. Are our favorites the same you love, or do you have someone else to add to this list of amazing female transformations?

Liz Webber

We want to start out by saying that we half agree with this and we half agree with nothing that has to do with this. She’s always been such a good girl with a good heart, but there have been a few times she’s decided to show us all that she’s not exactly who we thought she was. She’s been known to make some questionable choices and do some things that make everyone wonder if she’s lost her mind, and that’s one of her charming personality traits. She’s mostly the good girl she says she is, but she’s had a few transformative moments that have made her seem like a truly horrible person who will do anything she can to get what she wants. That’s the time we love her the most, but we don’t know that she’s someone who can handle that kind of permanent change in her life.

Ava Jerome

There was a time when she was the worst woman in town, and she’s not really changed too much. However, she spent the better part of this year doing all kinds of good things. She helped Jason get back to town. She fell for Griffin. She had some moments in which she was a good person who seemed to really want to be the kind of girl who did the right thing, and that was amazing. We aren’t entirely certain she always made the best decisions, but she did do some things that made us think that she might change.

It turns out, she did not. But for a few months she almost seemed as if she was really sorry for the things she did and the horrible stuff she was going to do. She was a good girl for a moment, and it makes us wonder if there is a chance she can get back to that kind of situation in her life. She might just have what it takes, but she might not have much of what it takes, either. She’s someone who makes us wonder if she can really be who she wants to be.


She’s had a rough year. She’s changed her jobs. She’s changed her love interest. She’s had some mental health problems holding her back. She’s not someone we recognize as much now as we did in the past, and that’s all right. She’s a woman with a grand plan, and it works for her. She might be able to change her life and the things she feels are right for her without much of an effort, but she’s also someone who does have to make sure she is able to get her situation in order in other ways, too. She’s had a rough life, and we think she’s allowed to change things around a bit if she wants to do that. She’s someone who will make the most of what she has, and she will make the most of her life as a whole.
We think that this is good for her, but she’s changed a lot over the past year. Of course, her entire life has changed a lot in the past year, too. She’s been dealt a truly unreasonable hand, and we don’t blame her for being uncertain and unsure how to handle her situation without any stress or change in her own life. She’s a wonder.

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