General Hospital: Ava Helps Patient 6 Escape

General Hospital: Ava Helps Patient 6 Escape

General Hospital: Ava Helps Patient 6 Escape

General Hospital fans are going to see some serious things go down in the near future. We are going to find that Ava decides she has to help Patient Six. She’s still not seen his face. No one has, to be precise. He is still faceless, and that’s for the best. It would really shock Ava to see Jason’s face in her clinic with her. The more pressing issue for her is that someone is going to catch her when she’s helping him escape. This means her own surgery might not happen, and she might end up punished.

But what happens? Does he escape? The answer is yes, he does. And he will get out. He will end up on the streets of Russia and someone is going to aide him in his escape plan. This means big things are happening, and people will be very shocked to find out who it is that’s helping him. But Ava is going to face the bigger issue.

She’s probably going to have to answer to Valentin, who will not be at all amused that she went out of her way to help this patient escape when she’s been there for a surgery to correct her face following the fire that burned her. He won’t find this amusing at all, and we have a feeling he will make her pay far more than just denying her the major surgery she’s hoping will give her back her life. And we hear Griffin will rush to her side.

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