General Hospital: Does Alexis Have Advice for Sam?

General Hospital fans can’t wait to see what Alexis has to say to Sam when she offers her daughter her take on the way things are going in her life. She’s sure she can help her daughter make better decisions about life, but we aren’t all that positive she can. She’s made some questionable decisions about her own life and the things she’s been doing in the past few months, and she certainly isn’t an innocent woman. She might have an idea of what Sam should do, but we suspect Sam won’t want to hear it.

She’s got  her own life to live, and her mother might want to help her. But she can’t. She can’t tell Sam what to do, even if she is able to focus on things that matter to her, she can’t help but wonder if there is a chance she can get her life in order. She might not be able to help things the way they are, but they can help us figure out what might happen. Based on what Alexis has to say her to mother, we might glean a little insight.

Will she tell her to give Drew a chance or to go back to her husband? We suspect she might tell her that she feels she should stick with Jason. That’s the man she was in love with her entire life, and we know she wasn’t happy abou the quickie divorce Sam asked for. It might help push her over the edge.

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