General Hospital Couples We Think Might Make it Outside of Port Charles

General Hospital fans know a thing or two about good couples (Luke and Laura, anyone?) and how good they are to watch, but what if we took some of your favorite, some of the most iconic couples, and we brought them into the real world? What if we took couples that work and don’t work and could work in Port Charles and we brought them into the real world outside of Port Charles? Into homes that don’t have so much drama and so much history. If we took them from their people and their dramatic jobs and their ways, and we brought them elsewhere? Would they actually be able to work? We think that not all of them would, but we think that there are a few couples that might just make things work like a champ if they were anywhere other than Port Charles. Let us know if you agree on our choices.

Jason and Sam

They have their kids, they have their jobs, and they could make this work. They could own a business in which they are private investigators, but they’d be home each night after locating cheating spouses for their clients, thankful that they don’t live that life. They’d play ball in the yard with the kids. They’d make dinner. They’d go see movies. They’d take the kids to Disney every year on an annual vacation. We could see it, and we think that they’d really enjoy that life with one another.

Carly and Sonny

Imagine their relationship without the mob and without all the drama. He could own some sort of business in which he’s able to command those around him, since that is his nature. She’d be a classic PTA mom who spends time helping her kids with their school work and their good grades, driving them to and from practices and school events. Sonny would never miss a show or a performance, and the kids would be happy and healthy and love their lives. They’d go on date nights and enjoy one another immensely.

Dante and Lulu

These two could make it work. Honestly, probably more than just about anyone else. We can see it now. We can see her with a job taking care of their babies. She’d love to have them, so they’d have like four or five. She’d be home to care for them, to make dinner, to pack Dante a lunch every single day of work. He’d still be a cop working to keep the streets in whatever small town they decide to raise their family safe. They’d be a huge part of the community, having dinner with neighbors and saying hi to everyone at the local diner when they go out. We really think they’d be the sweetest of all the sweet couples if they had a chance.

Julian and Alexis

They need some action, so we put them in a big city. She’s got a law firm of her own, he’s got a business of some — legal — sort to run, and they are both busy. Neither of them has much free time outside of their work, but they would take the time every year to find themselves on an extended summer vacation in some sort of exotic and foreign country, but they’d always make time for their grandkids when they had a chance. They’d travel the world. They’d do things their own way, and they’d make it work so well. They’d keep things exciting by not spending too much time together, but they’d make it work in their own way, which is a good way, which is the best way to make things work for both of them.

Luke and Laura

If they lived anywhere other than Port Charles doing anything other than what they did, we can see this working for them. Let’s say that they lived in a small town somewhere in the south. They could start heir own business, maybe a casino boat on the Mississippi, and they could raise their family. They could work together, play together, and have fun making memories. They’d be simple and sweet, and they’d just mind their own business and really take care of one another. We could see that.

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