Gaten Matarazzo Literally Falls Out of His Chair Over Joe Keery’s Most Searched Questions

The Stranger Things cast certainly knows how to have fun off set since you can watch as Gaten Matarazzo actually falls out of his chair when answering the most searched questions about the show on Google with costar Joe Keery. Season two of Stranger Things has done a lot to bring certain characters together, but one of the biggest surprises was the budding dynamic between Steve and Dustin, who couldn’t be more opposite if they tried. When Steve was roped into watching the younger kids however, babysitting would be the wrong term, he got a lot more than he bargained for. Eventually though he bonded with the most unlikely personality among them, Dustin. Since that point and to the end of season 2 Dustin and Steve have been best buds, with Steve giving Dustin pointers on how to talk to girls and Dustin, well, just being Dustin.

But watching them both sit down to answer the many different and most searched out questions on Google is pretty funny. A lot of of the searches don’t make a lot of sense, like “Is Galen Matazzaro ending?” What in the world does that even mean? The fact that people type in very basic searches on Google is kind of odd when you really look at it. Even more odd are the pages you tend to get back in reply. Google goes off of the words you type and makes the best of them in order to bring you millions of items that might have something to do with your query in some strange, obscure way that is hard to define or even figure out.

The queries get better however and the humdinger comes when the question arises as to whether Joe Keery is pregnant. I actually blanked on that one for a moment and Gaten couldn’t help but fall out of his chair as he erupted with gales of laughter. Joe took it well as he contributed and started to fan Gaten off, grinning the whole while. Who in the world comes up with these questions? Is Joe Keery pregnant? I mean fans do know he’s a guy right? Kidding, of course they do, but people tend to type the strangest things, no pun intended, when they go searching for the oddest information.  Maybe someone was drunk typing and thought it was an amusing joke or something.

Most of the other queries are just as insane, but some of them are interesting. There’s one that alludes to Stranger Things being like the Goonies, which is pretty cool to say since obviously Sean Astin was in season 2, at least until he, spoilers, got eaten by the demogorgon dogs. Another query asked if the show was created by Stephen King, but obviously the answer is no. There were a few Easter eggs in the show that alluded to features that could be linked to the master of horror though.

It’s great to see how the cast has evolved and come together through the past two seasons. I, along with a lot of others, can’t wait for season 3 to come, even though it’s a long ways off.

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